Things I Cherish the Most

“Why should I hire you? I mean, what makes you different?” she asked over the phone.

My mind started running a 100 miles per second.

UAE_Dubai_Wedding_Photography_Female_photographer_Rima_HassanI wanted to tell her that she should hire me because it was a once in a lifetime event of hers.
Because I pour my heart and soul into my work.
Because I take care of the delicate details, relationships, and customer services along with the confidentiality of the clients.
I craved to tell her that ninety percent of my clients, both brides and grooms, have became my close friends.
I wanted to show her the messages I receive after the wedding and when the brides see their albums.
I wished she saw how my clients’ families treated me. Invited me for food-tasting and also to their homes and made karak-chai because they knew that I love their tea.
I desired to say that her wedding was not a workday on my checklist or a bundle of money. Her big day was not a contract for me.
I wanted to say that she should hire me because I Do Care!

But I didn’t tell her any of that.
Simply didn’t.
Because it didn’t matter to her at that moment. She didn’t know me personally. All this information would have been irrelevant to her.

Instead I said “Let me ask you something. How did you get my number?” As expected, she said she got it through a friend (my past bride) who highly referred me.

“You know, she was referred to me through so&so, who was referred to me through so&so, who was referred through so&so. [I gave her names of all three brides]. If they are all referring me, I must be doing something right.”

I can’t remember the rest of the conversation other than the fact that she did hire me to document her big day. Not only that, after her wedding, she also referred me to another friend of hers.


It is easy to get caught up in ever so dense wedding industry and its intense competition. I believe that if I don’t book a certain client, it means one of the two things [1] I wasn’t the best fit for them or [2] They weren’t the best fit for me. Either ways, both I and my business would have suffered. It might sound ingenious but I’d rather wait till the right brides who share my creative vision and believe in my work find me so there is better connection, trust, spark, everlasting memories, and lifelong friendships because those are the things I cherish the most.

Stay fabulous,
~ Rima

Author: Rima Hassan

Welcome to My blog and Thanks for stopping by. I hope your stay at my blog is fun, educational in some way, and hopefully relative to your own experiences and life. I hope to see you again! :) Love, ~ Rima

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