Wedding in InterContinental Hotel, Dubai – Amna & Marwan

She’s a quite person who enjoyed moments of solitude. But all that was about to change when she met Marwan. She was smitten by his presence. And why wouldn’t she? Marwan was the quite guy who listened to her keenly, loved her deeply, and make her laugh unstoppably.

On the wedding day, as the evening passed, we all witnessed Amna’s happiness grew. She was calm and smiling when her awesome makeup artist, Zareen, beautified her. Her smiles got wider as her hairstyle was getting done. She left the entire room in awe when she got into her gorgeous dress by Oscar De La Renta which was shipped all the way from USA. She danced, laughed out loud, & completely rocked in front of my camera.

We all witnessed her happiness and overflowing emotions as soon as Marwan entered the room. He brought her a big bouquet of flowers, smiled & then kissed her forehead upon seeing his gorgeous bride. Amna’s eyes gleamed and the tsunami of her happiness overtook all of us. You can only imagine what happened to my heart….it melted! ❤

Their beautiful wedding took place at InterContinental Hotel – Festival City, Dubai and was decorated by Dream Wedding Services. I swooned over her gorgeous shoes by Paul Andrew. Also, the cake topper was absolutely adorable, & a carefully put together bouquet by Bliss Flowers added uniqueness to their wedding details. Intercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_entrance_kosha_decoration Intercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration__stage_dream_services Intercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_dream_services_centerpieces_stage Intercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_dream_services_table_setup Intercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_dream_services_kosha_stage Intercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_dream_services_cake Intercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_dream_services_cake_detail Intercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_dream_services_centerpieces Intercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_dream_services_cake_topper Intercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_paul_andrew_shoes Intercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_bouquet_bliss_flowers Intercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_necklaceIntercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_braceletIntercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_earringsIntercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry_ringIntercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_dressIntercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_bouquet_cake_topper Intercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_ring Intercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_bridal_shoes_paul_andrewIntercontinental_photography_Wedding_Female_photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_cake_topper Dearest Amna & Marwan,

Although there are too many words that I can even write an entire blog post with, I can only find the following two to show my gratitude: Thank You!!! Seriously. I feel blessed to meet your amazing families and documenting your love was an honor. I appreciate your friendship and am excited to see what future holds for both of you. May your hearts of gold, sense of humor, thoughtfulness and love encourage each other to blossom. I wish you both endless success, love, happiness, crazy laughter, and lots of moments to cherish – together.  Forever…

Much love,
~ Rima

Author: Rima Hassan

Welcome to My blog and Thanks for stopping by. I hope your stay at my blog is fun, educational in some way, and hopefully relative to your own experiences and life. I hope to see you again! :) Love, ~ Rima

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