Wedding in Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai – Muath & Mahra

I was kinda surprised to see 5 ladies, a bunch of children, and 2 maids sitting in a coffee shop. It was the most number of people I have seen in the first client meeting.  Her family & mother-in-law seemed super excited and helped her along the way with her wedding planning & I was beyond excited to photograph this gorgeous couple & their families.

Photographing Mahra & Muath was absolute joyous. Mahra’s beauty & style need no words. My camera was just as happy to photograph this stunning bride as I was. Muath is one of the grooms, when I asked him to tell Mahra a joke, he actually did. Mahra burst into laughter hence resulting in beautiful candid photos.

Their gorgeous wedding took place in Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai. Dream Wedding Services beautifully decorated their wedding & a unique dance floor was my personal favorite. Since Muath’s mother’s side of the family is Moroccan, some Moroccan themed decoration along with a live music band brought life to the party.

Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_stage_dream_wedding Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_stage_dream_wedding_entrance_flowers Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_stage_dream_wedding_centerpiecesWedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_cake_kosha_stage_dream_wedding Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_stage_dream_wedding_ice_sculpture Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_stage_dream_wedding_dance_floor Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_stage_dream_wedding_moroccon_theme Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_stage_dream_wedding_party_favors Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_stage_dream_wedding_kosha Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_stage_dream_wedding_centerpiece Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_stage_dream_wedding_vip_tables_centerpieces Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_stage_dream_wedding_cake Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_dream_wedding_stage Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_stage_dream_wedding_chair Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_stage_dream_wedding_bridal_ring Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_stage_dream_wedding_Manolo_blahnik_shoes Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_stage_dream_wedding_wedding_ring Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_stage_dream_wedding_shoes_manolo_blahnik Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_stage_dream_wedding_cake_bride Wedding_Photographer_Dubai_UAE_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_dream_wedding_bride_stage

Muath & Mahra,

Beyond all else, I loved the way both of you shared your first day as husband & wife together. Both of you are fun, lovable, and absolutely adorable. I wish you both loads of love, success, happiness, and a lifetime of sharing jokes & laughter together.

Much love & appreciation,
~ Rima


Author: Rima Hassan

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