Wedding in Jumeirah, Dubai – Amna & Saleh

“I am hiring you for your personality.” She announced before signing the contract. I smiled and thanked her. I saw a hint of myself in her. Open. Honest. OUTSPOKEN.

On the wedding day, in the middle of the makeup, hair styling, laughing over bride’s maids’ jokes, and photographs, I watched her body language. She couldn’t stop dancing. As if her nervousness, panic, and happiness; all the mixed emotions were overflowing out of her in the form of dance. To top the sight was the groom, Saleh, who joined his bride, Amna, for dance in front of my camera. I couldn’t help but smile behind my camera.

They looked like pieces of two different puzzles yet make a perfect picture when put together. And by perfect, I really mean perfect.  When she was worried about her entrance, he comforted her. When she got too carried away to listen to the poses I was explaining her, Saleh held Amna’s hand and put her into the pose. Flawlessly. I smiled again.

In that moment I understood why Amna chose Saleh as her soulmate. He has the personality to calm & comfort her yet was willing to join her for some dance moves. He was remarkably loving to children and noticeably respectful with the elders. No wonder their families adored and loved both of them so much.

As far as the thank yous go, here is a HUGE thank you to Fida from Beil Group who was my backbone for the wedding. To say there was a lot going on would be a major understatement (the venue was beautiful, there were tons of details, and time constraints), but she made sure I was in the loop throughout the process. The flower arrangements were done outstandingly by Nadine from Mesopotamia Flower.  The furniture was provided by Catertainment. I couldn’t have been more proud to work alongside such an amazing wedding team & couple.

Unlike the traditional weddings, Amna opted for a stunning colored wedding dress instead of the white. She chose to celebrate her big day with close family & friends. Amna & Saleh had an intimate wedding in Jumeirah, Dubai, which was full of details, colors, flowers, pearls, and lots of dance, laughter, & love.

Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_centerpiece_decoration_kosha Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_beautiful_flower_decorationJumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_chairs_decoration_kosha Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_ideas Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decorations Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_flowers Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_centerpiece Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_entrace_flowers Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_flowers_kosha Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_flower_decoration Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_centerpieces Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_party_favors Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_flowers Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_party_favor_scarf Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_koshaJumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bridal_bouquet Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bridal_necklace_details Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bridal_watch Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bridal_shoes_michael-kors Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_jewelry_ringJumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_necklace_bridalJumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bridal_ring Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bridal_dress Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_cake_decoration Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bridal_dress_details Jumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_cake_topJumeirah_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_cake_bouquet

Amna & Saleh, I wish both of you a lifetime full of love, laughter, and dancing with each other. Forever and ever and ever…

Stay Fabulous,
~ Rima

P.S. Photos from Amna & Saleh’s milcha+henna party can be found here.

Author: Rima Hassan

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