Wedding in Kempinski Ajman Hotel – Alia & Rashid

The tears rolled down my cheeks as I photographed their exit.
She was crying while hugging her mother & sister.
Not a usual sight at the local weddings I cover in UAE.

The joys of my work includes meeting fun couples, crazy couples, shy couples, loud and hilarious couples, and the list goes on but my favorite type are the crazily-in-love couples and Alia & Rashid are a perfect example of it.

They share the quite-romance like we see in classic movies. Love that melts your heart. Love that has no language. Talk-with-the-eyes type of love. Love that makes everyone else believe in LOVE.

I immediately connected with Alia during our first meeting.  I refer to her as my The Most Photogenic Bride. As far as Rashid is concerned, he is handsome with The Most Perfect Teeth (mashaAllah x 32) with a sparkling White smile like we see in commercials. (I’ve decided never to drive a car if Alia & Rashid are both in it because they both have beautiful white flashing smiles that can be very distracting hence life-risking :D)

Alia & Rashid had a gorgeous wedding in Kempinski Ajman Hotel located on the coast of Persian Gulf with a private beach. Their day was full of shinning jewelry, gorgeous dress, grand kosha & beautiful centerpieces by Special Moments, and lots of love from her family & friends. The wedding was as graceful as Alia & as perfect as Rashid’s teeth 😀

See it for yourself!


Ajman_Kimpinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0014Ajman_Kimpinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_centerpieces Ajman_Kimpinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0013Ajman_Kimpinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_centerpieces_decorationAjman_Kimpinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0016 Ajman_Kimpinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0017Ajman_Kimpinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0012Ajman_Kempinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_5Ajman_Kempinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration_party_favorAjman_Kempinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_invitation Ajman_Kempinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bride_dressAjman_Kempinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bride_dress Ajman_Kempinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bride_shoes Ajman_Kempinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_dress_bridal Ajman_Kempinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_crownAjman_Kempinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_diamond_jewelry2 Ajman_Kempinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_diamond_jewelry_5 Ajman_Kempinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_diamond_jewelry_4 Ajman_Kempinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_diamond_jewelry_3 Ajman_Kempinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_diamond_jewelryAjman_Kempinski_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_jewelryAlia & Rashid, I wish both of you a lifetime of happiness, love, success, and laughter. With the beautifully perfect smiles of yours.

~ Rima

Author: Rima Hassan

Welcome to My blog and Thanks for stopping by. I hope your stay at my blog is fun, educational in some way, and hopefully relative to your own experiences and life. I hope to see you again! :) Love, ~ Rima

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