Matter of Hearts

Dearest You,

I know I don’t need to write this but I want to. You know me, I like when feelings become words. I want to say Thank You for sharing the crazy roller coaster of life with me. For giving me the strength to become what I am today. For being my dream-anchor. For never saying no to dine-outs because you know it is my weakness #8,436.

Thank you for always having my back. Giving me the push which taught me how to fly. For being the best advisor & partner-in-crimes of my wildest ideas. Thank you for being patient during my semi-dramatic moments, laughing with me at my silliest dance moves and singing the craziest Bollywood songs on our long drives. Thank you for always making me feel luckyyyyyy & letting me live out loud!

As I climb the stairs of success with a booming photography business (Alhamdullilah), I want to Thank You for teaching me how to hold a camera. Thank you for our late night conversations about the correlations between ISO, aperture, and speed. Thank you for agreeing to come all the way from one part of Dubai to another to have a short-dinner-date in between my client meetings although you were tired from a long day of work.


I appreciate you & your kindness with all my heart. This journey will never – ever – everrrrrrr – be the same without you.


~ Me

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