Wedding at Marriot Al Jaddaf, Dubai – Mona & Nayef

Mona & Nayef!!!
What can I say about these two beautiful souls who are in crazily in love with each other. Not in the stare-at-me-and-I-will-blush way rather in a very unconventional look-at-me-and-I-will-smug way. The type of love everyone in the room feels.

I had the honor of photographing their wedding which was filled with laughter, all-things-pretty, and full of love. I couldn’t have ended the year in a better way. Following are few shots from their gorgeous wedding, decorated by Taraneem Event Planners, which took place at Marriot Al Jaddaf, Dubai overlooking at Dubai’s skyline.

Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_kosha_decoration Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_decoration_kosha Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_taraneem-events_kosha Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_hamasat Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_shoes Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_jimmy_choo Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_ring Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_jewelry Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_bouquet Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_jewelry-veil
Mona & Nayef, thank you for inviting me to document your love and the start of a new chapter in your lives. May your love grows deeper, stronger, and more beautiful everyday, ameen.

Author: Rima Hassan

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