[Mis]Adventures in Arabic Class

I couldn’t take it off of my mind.
I tried to focus back but it was useless.
I couldn’t stop looking over my shoulder to the floor…..     

Since 99.9% of my clients in UAE are Arabs and although they speak fluent English, I have been dying to learn the Arabic language.

Few days ago, I saw an advertise on Facebook that a so&so place is teaching Arabic courses. Their schedule, course fee, and duration of the course seemed perfect for me. So I applied and next thing you know, I was on my way to the class only to find myself stuck in Dubai’s traffic.

Arabic_Course_DubaiI firmly believe that a lady can do her entire makeup or even read a book if there is a traffic jam in Dubai. Although the route was 20 mins, I was in the class an hour later.

Late as I was, I grabbed the last empty seat in the corner which was next to a locked door that apparently opened in the back of the expanding building (which had on going construction).

I checked my course packets, handbooks, a perfectly sharpen pencil, and my dream of speaking fluent Arabic language was about to take off of the ground…until, from the corner of my eyes, I something moving on the floor.

Of course my curious soul had to look and I am still regretting that moment. It was a 4 inch lizard-looking-snake crawling a feet away from me…. Let me repeat that again: A SNAKE! CRAWLING! A FEET AWAY!

Panicked I gasped and picked up my feet off the ground. I think I scared the snake just as much as it scared me because I saw it making its way out from under the locked door.

The girl sitting next to me asked ‘what happened?’.  I turned to look at her speechless and pointed to the floor. She looked on the floor confused and shrugged because nothing was there. I texted my husband the entire situation and he responded with “RUN!” but I didn’t had the guts to put my feet on the ground again.

I dare you Internet, sit with your feet above the ground for 45 minutes.

I was the first to literally run out the class as soon as it ended and I think I’ll probably just learn Arabic on youtube or from another place which is not on the ground floor.

Why am I telling you this? Because I don’t want to be the only one thinking about it.
It is not fun….at all!

  1. anawnimiss says:

    Woah! That has got to be scary! I would never go back either.
    How did nobody else see the snake? :-O

  2. granonine says:

    Oy! Thanks a LOT for putting that picture in my mind! : )

  3. tamtam012013 says:

    I love that you wanted to spread the joy lol. Totally something I would do. I had a dream about a snake last night and I am still looking for victims to unleash that good stuff on. On a completely different note, good luck with Arabic. I think its a difficult one to learn but not impossible. Go for it 🙂 x

  4. Amal says:

    Ooooh God , alhamdulilah you are good , its a snack 👀 of course you should feel scared wallah if i were you i would run 💨💨💨 .. Hope you are better now 😘

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