[Mis]Adventures in Arabic Class

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  1. anawnimiss says:

    Woah! That has got to be scary! I would never go back either.
    How did nobody else see the snake? :-O

  2. granonine says:

    Oy! Thanks a LOT for putting that picture in my mind! : )

  3. tamtam012013 says:

    I love that you wanted to spread the joy lol. Totally something I would do. I had a dream about a snake last night and I am still looking for victims to unleash that good stuff on. On a completely different note, good luck with Arabic. I think its a difficult one to learn but not impossible. Go for it 🙂 x

  4. Amal says:

    Ooooh God , alhamdulilah you are good , its a snack 👀 of course you should feel scared wallah if i were you i would run 💨💨💨 .. Hope you are better now 😘

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