Keep Calm because…

I held my phone and smiled.

I posted the following photo on my Instagram and got busy with work. I checked back after a few minutes and received lovely messages by my past and current brides on both Instagram & Whatsapp. Oh I love my brides!     


Since people have been sharing Keep Calm posters on social media, here are my version of Keep Calm messages:

Keep Calm & Count Your Blessings.
Keep Calm & Work Harder.
Keep Calm & learn from your mistakes.
Keep Calm and have karak chai.
Keep Calm & buy new shoes.
Keep Calm and watch movies.
Keep Calm & Google it.
Keep Calm but be prepared.
Keep Calm. Game on.
Keep Calm & keep Kaam se Kaam (mind your business)
Keep Calm and call your mom.
Keep Calm and read.
Keep Calm & do yoga.
Keep Calm & Love Life.
Keep Calm when saying I Do!
Keep Calm. Then dance on Gangnam Style!
Keep Calm & Dream on.
Keep Calm if people talk behind your back. They are behind you for a reason.
Keep Calm because You are Loved!!!

Keep Calm & Shine on!
~ Rima

Author: Rima Hassan

Welcome to My blog and Thanks for stopping by. I hope your stay at my blog is fun, educational in some way, and hopefully relative to your own experiences and life. I hope to see you again! :) Love, ~ Rima

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