Fear of Failure

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  1. ivyon says:

    It is true… Support system is crucial 🙂
    Btw the photo is surreal <3

    • lizadeeza says:

      I know what you mean concerning the fear of failure concerning blog-writing. For years, I kept from writing because I thought – “What if no one cares?” And then one day, the writing bug bit me so hard, I had to do something about it. And I spent 16 hours straight setting up my first “daily” blog. Now after a relatively short time, I am seeing that contributing to my blog is something of a practice, you could call it feeding my spirit. And that is how I have always seen creativity, as a way to nourish my whole being. And some days, I feel as if I am having a conversation with “God” – not in a creepy schizo way of GAWD told me to start a religion … but like a whispered knowing and flowing and outpouring of creativity. And this is when you know, that being an artist isn’t about what others think or are willing to pay for your work. Those are just distractions from the real significance and need to create our art for the sake of our souls.

      • ivyon says:

        Hey, you commented on my reply, I hope Rima will see it. 🙂
        But since you did, I wanted to tell you that I loved the way you described the creativity. 🙂 Specially the explanation about God hehe

      • Rima Hassan says:

        I completely agree! I love writing and feel hint of fear before sharing the craziness of my life but love the feeling after I hit publish. It is like letting it out because there are always people who can relate. Thanks for writing and sharing your story with me. I loved it.

        Keep writing & rocking! <3

  2. Amal Al-Ali says:

    Oooh good .. I loved your last post so much , its almost talking about my negative side which always fear of failure .. Really there is nothing impposible in this life specially with “Allah” the believe of allah ability of achieving what ever we want and hope for .. I wish i would be a part of your supporting system one day ☺️ & i wish that i always surrounding you with positive thing .

    • Rima Hassan says:

      Oh Amal, you are such a darling!!!! <3

      You already are a very important component of my support system. Wallah! It is clients-who-became-friends like you because of whom both I & my business have not only survived but bloomed, Alhamdullilah. Your positivity, support, and love makes me want to be a better person. I can't thank God enough to have friends like you in my life.

      Hugs & Kisses

  3. Amal al-Ali says:

    My sweatheart Rima,

    Its my pleasure & your replay makes my both my eyes😍 and heart 💕 blooming too . However i thank god that i met such person like you ☺️ I should thanks yebab.com for that ☺️😋


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