15 Reasons Why I love Dubai

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  1. paulwhitberg says:

    Another reason to love Dubai is that, without it, the following immortal limerick I once composed might not exist:

    There was a young man from Dubai
    Who did not believe he could die.
    So he hammered a nail
    Through a grizzly bear’s tail
    And that was the end of that guy.

  2. tamtam012013 says:

    Pretty much everything I love about Dubai too. I was nodding along to everything I read on here 🙂

  3. sounds like a beautiful place, thanks for taking us there through your words!

  4. suminder says:

    My daughter and brother are in love with Dubai – hope you don’t mind if I reblog this!!

  5. QwenL says:

    Now I know why my countrymen love to work in Dubai. Not only they have a job for a living, they also get the chance to enjoy Dubai. 🙂

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