Born with Wings

IF I’m working too much, I can take a whole month off, right? BUT if I take a whole month off, I won’t be able to deliver the albums as fast as I usually do. HOW can I take the vacation during peak wedding season? OMG! WTH! ‘ < This was me at the end of March!  The mixed feelings got worst when I told people that I’ll be out for a whole month. Some of them thought I was lucky, some got surprised, and the rest thought I was crazy! 

Taking an entire month off for vacation made me realize that I have become sort of a workaholic. Although I was behind the camera 40% of my vacation time, I dearly missed my clients, meetings, and documenting the weddings.

After coming back from vacation, I almost felt like I had to start everything over from the scratch. Getting back in touch with the past clients, answer all the future inquiries, and finish the pending albums (thank you Lord for the clients who told me to that they can wait so I can hold onto the albums and gave me permission to enjoy my vacation worry-less).

I’m glad I did what I did because I’m back and feel more creative, more productive with a refreshed mind, ready to take on new opportunities, & for some of my favorite time -> client meetings & weddings.
You Were Born with Wings

When there are too many IFs, BUTs, HOWs, OMGs & WTHs occupying your mind and standing between you and your dreams, Jump HigherDream BiggerTry HarderThink of the Better, and all of it will make you go Farther than you have planned. If anyone tells you that you can’t do something, don’t listen to them! They are only saying that based on their limitations, not yours!

Shine on!!!

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