Dubai Art Season – SIKKA14

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  1. beautiful pictures, I always love to see images from places that are still out of reach for me to go to (I have been all over Europe and the US, Dubai will be in my price range later on down the road). You take very nice, clear and vivid pictures. Have a great day!

    • Rima Hassan says:

      Thank you Claudia!

      You should totally come to Dubai before it gets even more expensive (because of Expo 2020 😉 ). But I’ll warn you to not come in the summer – it is unbearably hot. When/if u come by, holla at your girl. I’d love to meet up 🙂

  2. ywwp says:

    This is nice

  3. Swav says:

    The first one… from my perspective shows the beginning of the journey, the last one… awaiting inspiration of both hands in the process of creation, to take that perfect capture of the current moment… the rest of photos which are in between those two shows the steps and progress of reaching the passion within… in this case to photography of course 😉

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