400 Pound Burden

I thought over several times.         
Sitting amongst approximately 350 people in an auditorium, I was busy putting the words of my question in the right order, thinking over again and again not to choke or miss a word and make fool of myself.
I raised my hand and the host nodded at me.
My husband sitting next to me, turned his head in slow motion, shocked, and stared at me.    
OMG, I’ll be the next one he’ll point out to ask the question.
Right at that moment, I felt nervous. Very nervous. Actually very very nervous. I literally felt someone put 400 pounds on my chest and I lost the command of my words. What was my question again? I asked myself to gather the words again.

The host pointed at me and nodded again and I felt all the eyes and heads turn towards the back of the auditorium. Staring at me. Is the door close enough for me to run? I couldn’t even move my legs.  Caught on spot, I had to ask the question now. So, I asked: “What would you advice aspiring photographers, even professionals, on how to get published, even get noticed, or get in touch with big names such as National Geographic….” Silence!


There it was.  My 400 pound burden off of my chest. Part of asking that question was because I genuinely wanted to know what the speaker would say but more importantly, I wanted to see if I was able to ask the question. It was kinda thrilling that I did. Right after I finished the question I figured how loud I was. Loud enough without a mic or may be I had a built-in echo.  I felt sort of proud and very light.

All the heads turned back to non other than a photographer, mentor, founder & editor of the award-winning Burn Magazine, David Alan Harvey. He answered my question politely with some insights and lots of inspiration. I stared at him in disbelieve throughout the answer. The one hour talk was organized by Gulf Photo Plus and I can’t thank them enough.

Sometimes, it is healthy to wonder if you are capable of doing something. It helps push your own self. If you are ever stuck in such situation of wondering & questioning your abilities too much, just do it.  Even if you fail, at the very least you will learn the process, can get the burden off, & be satisfied that you tried.

Happy Dubai’s Photography Festival everyone!!!

6 thoughts on “400 Pound Burden

    • Hahaha….After all these years of marriage, I’m happy to still be able to surprise him often 😉 Thank you for reading through & I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

    • Thank You! I hope you also push yourself, empower, take risk, and find out how incredible of a feeling it is. Best of Luck with your writings & new endeavors.

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