Throwback Thursday

In the chaotically busy time of work, I have been dreaming & reminiscing about Venice. I thought to share a photo from our Europe tour. I particularly liked & continually miss Venice a lot because it looked like a giant set of some Hollywood movie. Going from the fancy high-tech newly made buildings of Dubai, the windows of small houses and their beautifully detailed textured walls almost seemed unrealistic.   

This photo is of a hotel, Hotel Palazzo Priuli (see, I have a wonderful memory 😉 ) on waters of canal and can’t be entered without using a gondola (small boats). How cool is that? Although I do wonder what tourists did if they wanted to get out or want to get in late at night? Hmmm….   


If you know me you can guess that I never needed a reason to celebrate, I can happily & whole-heartedly celebrate a social media trend. You know what’s today?  😉

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone!


P.S. Where can I find throwback Thursday greeting cards & decorations?

  1. milsztof says:

    What a nice throwback. I’d like to see Venice one day.

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