Blunder Should be my Middle Name

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  1. AB says:

    This what we used sing loudly when I was young on a day when it was cloudy
    Allah mian paani dey
    So bars ki naani dey
    Baat hamaree maan lay
    Paani dey yaa Naani dey
    Our Naani used to chastise us for being disrespectful (to her or to Allah not sure ), may her soul rest in peace!

  2. Ah, we all do. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Easter Ellen says:

    Cute post 🙂 Love your entertaining way of looking at life!

  4. RaiBal says:

    I’d laugh AT you 😀 and then ten seconds later, I’d say or do something even more blundering than you could ever imagine. 😉 That was a fun read, and I wish you continued success with your work.

  5. anndelize says:

    LOL! Foot-in-mouth disease. I have it too. 😉

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