Three Musketeers

Unlike the first snow of the season, my nieces happened to be all ready to play in the snow today. Since I always try to capture their innocence & craziness, I decided to photograph them. Let me introduce you to them….

Meet Dua again. The 6 vs 26 niece. She’s 6 going on 16. Do you see those eyes??? And the big smile?!?? This is what I was talking about. The Infamous Evil-Victorious Smile.  Oh yeah, she couldn’t find her gloves so the smarty pants wore her used/dirty socks throughout the snowball fight. Proudly too, I must add….

Snow_0011.jpgSnow.jpgThis is my recently turned 11 years old niece, Fizza. She’s a sweetheart. A very polite, soft-spoken, and very obedient girl – with never ending questions. I’m not exaggerating, honestly. Just recently was her 11 birthday and I took her to watch Disney’s movie Frozen with other nieces. The girls liked it alot and so did I 😉 Except when Fizza asked non-stop questions about it later on….Snow_0016.jpg

Okay, this one is a character! Her name is Farwa. My sister calls her Fairy but I like calling her Tooth-Fairy. She’s been losing / getting her teeth lately….hehe….get it?!? Tooth-Fairy 😉  Where Fizza is constantly asking questions, Farwa has answer of everything. Literally! She is very smart, outspoken, fun-to-be-around girl with the funniest laugh ever…… I forget the joke and laugh out loud when she laughs.  One will never be bored in her company. Except when her mood is off, or she’s sleepy, or when she cries….

three muskateers - farwa

This is my favorite photo from today. Fairy can totally pass as a rock-snow-princess….

Here are all three musketeers together…

three muskateers

“A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship.”
Markus Zusak – The Book Thief

Stay warm & have a wonderful Wednesday!


Author: Rima Hassan

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