Three Musketeers

Unlike the first snow of the season, my nieces happened to be all ready to play in the snow today. Since I always try to capture their innocence & craziness, I decided to photograph them. Let me introduce you to them….

Meet Dua again. The 6 vs 26 niece. She’s 6 going on 16. Do you see those eyes??? And the big smile?!?? This is what I was talking about. The Infamous Evil-Victorious Smile. ย Oh yeah, she couldn’t find her gloves so the smarty pants wore her used/dirty socks throughout the snowball fight. Proudly too, I must add….

Snow_0011.jpgSnow.jpgThis is my recently turned 11 years old niece, Fizza. She’s a sweetheart. A very polite, soft-spoken, and very obedient girl – with never ending questions. I’m not exaggerating, honestly. Just recently was her 11 birthday and I took her to watch Disney’s movie Frozen with other nieces. The girls liked it alot and so did I ๐Ÿ˜‰ Except when Fizza asked non-stop questions about it later on….Snow_0016.jpg

Okay, this one is a character! Her name is Farwa. My sister calls her Fairy but I like calling her Tooth-Fairy. She’s been losing / getting her teeth lately….hehe….get it?!? Tooth-Fairy ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย Where Fizza is constantly asking questions, Farwa has answer of everything. Literally! She is very smart, outspoken, fun-to-be-around girl with the funniest laugh ever…… I forget the joke and laugh out loud when she laughs. ย One will never be bored in her company. Except when her mood is off, or she’s sleepy, or when she cries….

three muskateers - farwa

This is my favorite photo from today. Fairy can totally pass as a rock-snow-princess….

Here are all three musketeers together…

three muskateers

“A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship.โ€
Markus Zusak –ย The Book Thief

Stay warm & have a wonderful Wednesday!

ย ย ย 

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