Madly in Love…

“…Just keep an eye on her until I come back. Okay?!?” She asked the 5 years old girl who was standing by the side of the crib & staring at this new born baby girl. In awe.

“Wow! Such tiny feet. And hands. Oh and those beautiful eyes.”  The little 5 years old thought to herself while she planned their long future playtimes in her head.  Attentive of the new born’s every yawn and move, she stood there for 4 hours. Straight 4 hours trying to be a good aunt and keeping an eye on her newly born yet eldest niece.

More than 2 decades later, she stood in front of the stage with the camera in her hands photographing that beautiful little girl who now was the bride. Time flew by as fast as I jumped from last paragraph to this one.  That 5 years old girl was myself. And the new born, well she is my eldest sister’s daughter – my niece, Rida.

I still remember how Rida & I used to spend time coloring in the same coloring-books. Had [..and still have…] late night long conversations. How I bullied her around and made sure she called me Khala [aunt], shared the room with her for yearssssssssss, bothered her until she told me line-by-line answers for my homework, bossed her while helping her with Math, and woke her up an hour before her school time just to ask if my outfit looked okay [her sense of style was always that great]. Sometimes we both felt like she was the aunt and I was the niece….She manages with my craziness pretty well, seriously!

After all these years….there she was. My baby doll has turned into a Bold & Beautiful young lady. Dressed up as a gorgeous bride, startling people with her smile, and looked like a completed puzzle with her ever loving husband, Asghar.  They truly are a definition of a Perfect-for-Each-Other Couple! [mA].

I know Rida will take great care of Asghar because she is smart, loving, & well-trained to handle &  be around the craziness -ahem- and the way Asghar couldn’t take his eyes off of Rida, I’m sure he will treat her with respect & love as well.  I was honored to be their photographer and wish both of them a long, healthy, happy, and excessively fun life together.

Cheers to these Two who are Madly in Love with each other…

rida asghar nikkah

“And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquility in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.” [30:21]


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