6 versus 26

She came in the room quietly and sat next to me.
As I finished the draft of a blog entry, she rested her head on my left arm.
I scrolled the screen to proofread before publishing the post. She jumped and sat back up.

“Hey!!! Rima Khala…that’s ME?!?”
“Yes, it iSsSsS…” I said proudly as if she’ll award me with a big hug.
“Can I read it, please??” She pleaded.
“Of course!” I answered. Hoping for at least a rewarding Smile. But nothing came…
I turned my laptop towards her.

It took her a few minutes to break down big words & read a small blog post about herself. Or may be she was trying to make sense of it all. She looked through all the baby-photos of herself that I took since she was born. I was kinda confused with her expressions. After she finished reading, my six years old niece told me that I can NOT publish that post about her.

“OMG, seriously?!?!?!?!?!?!” I laughed in disbelief.
With a frowning face and puppy eyes she replied “Yeah. I don’t feel ‘comfortable‘.”
I’d swear on anything she used that word.
I tried to think hard and recall when was the last time I heard a 6 years old used the word comfortable in this context. Fail. Utter Fail.
“Ok. Fine. I won’t post this blog”
And then, right in that moment. It appeared. Like a rainbow peeking from behind the clouds. A Smile! Not even a smile. I think it was a Smirk. Perhaps an evil-victorious one.

Stunned. Speechless. Somewhat annoyed, I just scheduled the post for Aug 29, 2014. Her 7th birthday.
Since then, it has been 6 versus 26. Everyday I try to talk her into letting me publish the post. And she keeps saying No. I’m her aunt after all. I won’t give up either. Until she says YES.


Here is an old photo of my niece. I said I won’t publish that blog entry.
never said I won’t write a new one either. *Smirk* + *Wink*

Have a Warm & Wonderful Wednesday!

  1. Kids and their beautifully innocent wisdom and ability to grasp these huge concepts (like torture and manipulation lol )are amazing to watch! Sweet post 🙂

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