While her eyes were glued to my laptop, I sat there staring at her.    
She was constantly wiping her tears with a piece of tissue-paper from under her glasses.     

“OMG! What the heck did I do?!?” I thought to myself. The young petite girl, wrapped in Abaya, with a vibrant smile, had a whole life ahead of her. Her glasses were unable to hide her eyes full of dreams. And there she was. Sitting with me and staring at my laptop. Silently crying. In public.

I had covered countless weddings. Met numerous brides. All the brides I had covered always smile wide while checking their album designs. But she had something very exclusive to her. She dared to believe in me at our first meeting. Hired me to cover the most special day of her life within half an hour of our meeting. Treated me like family every single time we met and there was never, ever, a single dull moment in any meeting. The thought of making her cry was heart-wrenching. I was not ready for it….

Like every wedding, I gave my best. Captured all the details, formals, families, and made sure she didn’t feel nervous. After all, it is my job and she paid me for it. In fact I should say, she trusted me to cover her big grand love. The wedding trailer was five minutes long. In that five minutes I thought of every single moment I spent with the album designer & videographer planning, documenting, making changes to her album, etc since her wedding day. All that hard work went to waste? It couldn’t be possible. I personally loved everything before showcasing it to her.

But then again, I wasn’t the bride. “You have to see the world through your clients’ eyes.” I consoled myself. Its alright I guess. I’ll redo everything for her. Not because I didn’t want to risk the chances of her defaming me but because she has become much more than a client. She was a friend now and I was willing to do anything for her.

As soon as the longest five minutes of my life ended, the bride finally wiped both her eyes, fixed her glasses, turned around to me. I was speechless. Scared. Scared of what she was about to say. That was the moment our eyes met each other and I was even more confused with the spark in them. She smiled. “Thank You Rima!” That’s all I heard and my heart melted. Before I could drop from my seat, she hugged me tightly. Gratefully. And I hugged her back.

In those five minutes, I felt uncertain of my own Taste. Hard work. I doubted my own self. Her words put me back together. Not like a client but a friend. “This is beyond my expectations. I can’t thank you enough. I’m in love with everything you did here” I felt my own cheeks getting wet with two drops of tears that I couldn’t hold back within. I felt Strong. Powerful. Proud. Proud of what I do. Accomplished!

Bridal Ring

They say “there is always the first time for everything.” This was my first time a bride was so touched that she cried while watching her album and wedding trailer. I feel a step ahead of where I was since last wedding. I feel Accomplished. Accomplished in moving forward. Learning. Making wonderful friends. Capturing their most important day and touching their hearts when delivering their priceless memories to them!

3 thoughts on “Accomplished

  1. you did it with love, rima…that’s why you get love from your clients, too…they love you and your work…truly a labor of love accomplished…

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