YaYs & NaYs

In order to assemble my random thoughts and bring a few chuckles out of them, I will be posting episodes of YAYs & NAYs.  I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to share yours in the comment box.

YaY & NaY


– for having Great Friends. You can be your awkward self without being judged and not to mention the jokes make you laugh out loud even years later.

– to Retail therapy. Instead of medicines, doctors need to start giving prescriptions to buy new Shoes.

– to Innovation. Internet, smart-phones, and touch-screens. By 2020, the screens will be touching us. Mark my words 😉


– to Allergies. I get them in Dubai’s extremely hot weather and NJ’s extreme cold too.

– to Gaining Weight. It is all food’s fault. Either it shouldn’t taste so good or shouldn’t make me fat.

– to Short-Term Memory.  Mine is like Dory from ….ummm… you know that famous movie of a clown fish.

Happy Thursday!

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