Happy Birthday!!!

I’ve been telling myself to start blogging. Again. But the small nay-sayer voice always put a bundle of questions like what, why, when, and how long, which always made me put the idea for tomorrow. But You know what they say….Once a Blogger, Always a Blogger! So few weeks ago I opened WordPress, made an account……and then I died!

Just last night, I thought to myself, what else could be a better time to start it today, August 22nd, because u know, ahem…it is my birthday too *cheesy smiley face*

So here it is.
My First Official Blog Post.
On my Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Myself & My Blog 🙂

Birthday Present

A huge Thank You to all those who posted wishes on my Facebook and called. I can’t even begin to express how everyone’s wonderful messages & gestures made my birthday extra special and are totally worthy of being mentioned in the blog post. Just to mention a few are getting a call at 11:00 pm on 21st August from a cousin, who is 1 hour ahead of Dubai’s time and has never let anyone wish me birthday before her, my husband randomly screaming happy birthday at exactly 12 am and giving me a minor heart-attach, my technologically savvy mom calling and waking me up because its 12am in New Jersey, watching the craziest video of my sisters & nieces with hysterical guitar playing and singing happy birthday to me which had me burst into laughter, a 1 minute 20 second call from another cousin who is also a bestie-since-diapers, and my husband surprising me by coming home early from work with lunch, presents, and a cake from Cheesecake Factory (I hope his boss doesn’t read this).

Couldn’t Thank God enough for Everyone&Everything!!!

CHEERS to new beginnings, another year full of celebrating successes, double celebrating failures (they come with lessons u know), learning experiences, & to loads of exciting blog posts!

To know what’s inside the wrapped present, you have to come again to check it out *evil laugh*

~ Rima

  1. Sans Nom says:

    and one admirer who waited a year for this day to come was scattered in 1000 pieces. Collecting ownself to show a smile to thy whom the admirer call goddess, took a bit long and thy he worships, stands at a distance where desert illusions bring hope but infact, yet again fooled by own expectations
    Belated Happy Birthday Wishes, If I may.

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