Al Jawaher, Sharjah Wedding – Aysha & Saeed

As she finished her makeup, she felt hungry and wanted to eat something before entering the ballroom. When the little desserts arrived to her suite, she ran to collect them from the waitress. But before eating them herself, she held the tray in front of him so he can eat first. He picked one piece and smiled at her with love. She smiled back with joy. Promising to always put him before her.

Venue: Al Jawaher Reception, Sharjah 🏰
Decorator: HBG Events ✨
Makeup: Natasha💄
Dress: Clarinet Boutique 👗
Shoes: Louboutin 👠
Photography: Rima Hassan Photography 🎥


Dearest  Aysha & Saeed,

After documenting your engagement party & henna photoshoot, I felt honored yet again to cover your wedding celebrations. Surrounded with laughter, fun, and intense love, you both were glowing because of each other’s presence. May Allah keeps you both in His utmost care & protection and bestows his best bounties and blessings upon you both, ameen.

Much Love,
~ Rima


How to Price Your Wedding Photography Services

Often I get questions from photographers asking about how to price their photography services. Although there isn’t one specific answer to this question because several things need to be considered while pricing your services (such as: different markets, clients’ spending on weddings, your experience, demand, etc). But following principles may help you with pricing your wedding photography services.


  1. Costs must be covered.
    Make sure your fixed costs are well taken care of (studio rental, assistant/second shooter, online gallery, album printing, etc). Know your fixed costs, variable costs, and then add your salary so you don’t end up working for free.
  2. Demand of your services.
    As tempting as it is to compare yourself to other photographers, don’t establish your worth based on their work/pricing. If you think you are worth $5000 and your clients are willing to pay, kudos to you.  If you are in high demand & seem overbooked, it is about time you raise your prices a little but If your bookings are decreasing, there is a good chance you’ve raised your prices too high.
  3. Adjust pricing over time. 
    If you are starting out my friend, it is okay to test the waters. Don’t hesitate to adjust your pricing gradually overtime as wedding season & demand fluctuates. Adjustments is also required if your fixed costs increases. Try at your own pace and improvise your pricing based on what needs to be done.

I hope this blog helps & wish you much success with your business.

Your friend,
~ Rima

DWTC Wedding – AlJawhara & Ahmed

Filling out their wedding contract, I asked for her contact number.
He told me her entire number in one breath. Before I even had a chance to write the first three digits. I looked up at him & then at her. Both the bride & I couldn’t help but smile.

I bear witness of him making her smile, cherishing her joy, and the love for her in his eyes. Since our first meeting, he continues to prove that he is truly a keeper. And why shouldn’t he be? She is worthy of every bit of his care & love ❤

Venue: Dubai World Trade Center 🏰
Decorator: Haifa AlMarri – Afkar Events 
Makeup: Natasha💄
Dress: Esposa 👗
Shoes: Jimmy Choo 👠
Bouquet: Kadi Flowers 💐
Photography: Rima Hassan Photography 🎥


Dearest JuJu & Ahmed,

It feels like we met just yesterday but at the same time feels like I’ve known you both for a long time. I guess we were meant to meet, joke around, laugh together, and become friends! Allah has a way to make people meet & I will forever be grateful to God for your trust & friendship. May the Almighty always showers you both with unconditional love and happiness forever, ameen.

Lots of love,
~ Rima

5 Tips to Rock The Wedding Dress

Dear Brides,

It may sound simple if I say to “Practice your Dress” but if it was this simple, I wouldn’t be writing an entire blog post about it. Trust me on this one! 🙂

It is very usual that I come across brides who have trouble wearing the dress. They don’t know how the crinoline/jiboon is supposed to be worn. I’ve seen broken zippers and buttons, and what not. To make your wedding day stress-free, here are 5 tips to prepare and practice your dress beforehand.


  1. Practice wearing your dress at least 3-5 times before the wedding day to be comfortable with the fitting, buttons, zipper, lace, ribbons, etc.
  2. Know how to wear the dress with the crinoline (aka jiboon – the underskirt to make the ballgown fluffy).
  3. Try the dress with undergarments to make sure nothing shows & everything fits perfectly. Choose undergarments wisely (ex: strapless garments for strapless dress, etc).
  4. Wear the shoes/heels to practice walking in the dress. It will also help you be sure that the dress’s length is what you like.
  5. Last but not least, PLEASEEEEE try sitting in the dress to be 110% sure that it is possible!


Lovely Brides, I hope this blog post is helpful to you. May you shine in your dress like a rockstar princess!

Your UnOfficial Bridesmaid,
~ Rima

Rotana Beach Hotel, AD Wedding – Afaf & Mohammed

They are the cutest. With lots of giggles, wide smiles, and promises of “fdaaaaaitch” (I can die for you). With love in the air, they were spreading joys to whoever came near both of them ❤

Venue: Rotana Beach Hotel, Abu Dhabi 🏰
Decorator: Dream Wedding Services ✨
Makeup: Salama💄
Dress: Hazar Haute Couture 👗
Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana 👠
Bouquet: Amaryllis Flowers 💐
Photography: Rima Hassan Photography 🎥


Dearest Afaf & Mohammed,

From the bottom of my ❤ , Thank You!!!! My team & I had utter pleasure of photographing you both and your wedding day. I pray that Allah protects you both from all evil eyes and showers you both with His highest blessings and bounties, ameen.

~ Rima

How to Use Social Media Strategically

Dear Photographer Friends,

Before I start this post, here is the brutal-honest-truth: I’m not a social media specialist or a guru. But obsessively using social media for years, running a successful business and thriving it solely because of it, I can safely say that the following useful pointers may help you with some ideas on how to use social media more strategically.


The biggest turn off for me is when I visit a photographer’s Instagram account (or any business account) and I can’t figure out what they do & where they are located.

  1. Clearly mention WHAT you do (wedding photographer, portrait photographer, etc).
  2. Do mention WHERE you are based (Dubai – UAE, NYC – USA, London – UK, etc).
  3. State HOW your prospective clients can Contact / Connect with you (email address, contact form, website/blog, phone number, direct message, etc).
  4. Make your Instagram grid & Facebook feed consistent (colors, style, etc).Rima_Hassan_Photography_instagram
  5. Post regularly. Avoid posting 4-5 photos a day and then long breaks. Pay keen attention to the time you are getting most engagement. Make your own posting schedule & patterns.
  6. Show Personality!!! People are investing more into WHO you are as a person. Show what books you are reading, what kind of pets you have, what cool places you are exploring, your favorite drink/food/place, etc. Give people a reason to connect.
  7. Create Content. Show the process or before/after photo of your work. Answer frequently asked questions to help those who are starting out as well as to your clients.
  8. STOP turning your Instagram/Facebook profiles/captions into advertisements. It is okay to post occasional ads but people are more interested in behind-the-scenes and reading about your clients, knowing the process of how you got that photo, etc.


Friends, I hope this blog post helps you change a few things around and gets you to think more strategically.

I pray for your success & hope to celebrate it together virtually, so let’s connect on Instagram or Facebook. I’d love to meet you there!

Shine on,
~ Rima

Metropolitan, Dubai Engagement – Mahra & Ahmed

It was so easy to become friends with them.
They are both alike. Soft spoken, respectful, fun to be around.
And of course, in love!
Starting their happily-ever-after with smiles spread across their face, dreams in their eyes, and love in their hearts for each other.

Venue: Metropolitan Hotel, Dubai 🏰
Decorator: AlShadda ✨
Makeup: Amal💄
Dress: Eissa AlJassimi 👗
Shoes: Dior 👠
Bouquet: Dantel Flowers 💐
Photography: Rima Hassan Photography 🎥


Dearest Mahra & Ahmed,

I feel so proud to call you both my friends ❤ Thank you for your trust in my work and for having me witness you first day as officially-together. I pray to the Almighty that you both get happiness, health, and success in whatever you both do, always & forever. ameen.

~ Rima

Aloft, Abu Dhabi Wedding – Mariam & Naser

Her bubbly personality & warm friendly smile was lighting up the room.
Surrounded by her friends, she was the life of the party. I had no doubt this gorgeous girl, with her beautiful heart, will bring party to his life – as his bride.

Venue: Aloft Hotel, Abu Dhabi 🏰
Decorator: Mona Sabaat ✨
Makeup: Layaly 💄
Dress: Aisha Almuhairi 👗
Shoes: Charles & Keith 👠
Bouquet: Amaryllis Flowers 💐
Photo & Video: Rima Hassan Photography 🎥


Dearest Maryam & Naser,

Thank you for being so welcoming, warm, and adorable. It had been super fun to document your big day with lots of joy, laughter, and love. May Allah showers you both with best of the best because you two don’t deserve anything less.

~ Rima

Tea Party at John Lewis – MyList Event

It is always such a pleasure to be invited for‘s events. Their team is warm, welcoming, and sweethearts to say the least. And their events are fun, educational, and useful especially for the brides-to-be. This time, hosted a wonderful tea party in collaboration with John Lewis at Robinsons Department Store.

d4798df9-576e-4c92-b33b-3cc7341b3264 The attendees enjoyed TWG’s delicious tea, mouthwatering mini-treats, a photo-booth, and took part in raffle draws worth AED 4000+ of beautiful products from John Lewis.


P.S. The past three’s events that I attended & spoke at can be found HERE (Ethan Allen), HERE (Mall of Emirates), and HERE (bloomingdale’s).

P.P.S. Follow on Instagram for future events. I hope to see you at their next event ❤

Ajman Wedding – Hamda & Mohammed

It felt like watching elegance at its peak.
Her simplicity mixed with utmost style had everyone is awe. As she made her grand entrance into the ballroom, people couldn’t take their eyes off. She looked effortlessly grace. Divine. Giving him yet another reason to love her outer beauty as much as he loves her heart of gold.

Venue: Umm Al Momineen, Ajman 🏰
Decorator: Tahani Al Khaleej ✨
Makeup: Fathya Mohammed 💄
Dress: Ezra Couture👗
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik 👠
Bouquet: 4U Bridal Bouquet 💐
Photo & Video: Rima Hassan Photography 🎥


Dearest Hamda & Mohammed,

You two are such sweethearts ❤ My team & I had utter pleasure in documenting your wedding day. Thank you for being the amazing human beings that you both are. May you both cherish each and every moment of your married life, together. Forever! ameen.

Much appreciation,
~ Rima