Salalah, Oman

When a client booked me to cover her brother’s wedding in the Sultanate of Oman, my heart did its happy dance. For several days.

It truly felt like ages since #RimaTravels
The fun doubled because this trip was work + pleasure and thank you lord for an amazing associate photographer and a friend who turned out to be an expert on Salalah, Oman and literally made this trip three times more fun.

We stayed in Oman for three days and after the wedding day, we rented the car and explored Ain Garziz, climbed the stairs on Ain Razat, the beautiful Al Mughsayl Beach, Sinkhole Shaat, watched camels on the roadside, serene views of palm trees along the beach and roads, did my silly dance on top of the mountain and of course drove for miles and miles to find the much needed dose of my Karak Chai.

I hope you enjoy Oman through my lens.
To follow along my journey (and travels), you may watch my stories on Instagram and/or on SnapChat { RimaHassanPhoto }.

Cheers to many many more adventures!

~ Rima (The Explorer)

Grand Hyatt, Dubai Wedding – Mira & Ali

If I could describe her in one word, I’ll use Grace.
Her aura is calming. And presence so beautiful (mashAllah) that she, in her white bridal gown, was taking breaths away of everyone who came across her.

It might have been the reason that when he entered the bridal suite, he stood in front of her for an entire minute or two to compose himself. The smart and charming prince was speechless. Their eyes met, smiles spread across the faces, and invisible fireworks lit the room. And their lives as well….

Mira & Ali’s grand wedding was celebrated in Baniyas Ballroom of Grand Hyatt, Dubai. The garden themed decorations, high ceiling chandeliers, ballroom setup, and a very unique bouquet was provided by Flower Boutique.  Mira wore a stunning bridal gown from Aiste Couture and shoes from Manolo Blahnik.


Dearest Mira & Ali,

Thaaaaank you!!! For your trust. For letting me witness all the beauty, sparks, fireworks, and your love. Thank you for giving me the memories to cherish. Thank you for the smiles and tons of laugh-out-loud jokes. And most importantly, thank you for your friendship! I pray to the Almighty that you both share a lifetime full of happiness, health, success, love and fireworks. Together & forever, ameen.

Thank you for everything! ❤

Tons of Love,
~ Rima

Grand Hyatt, Dubai Wedding – Muna & Abdulrahman

She has big exotic eyes.
And beautiful smile.
The best part was,  every time she looked at him, her smile reached her eyes.
The sight of him was giving more meaning to her smiles and more depth to her eyes.

She was becoming even more beautiful because of love.
Her love for him.
And His love for her! ❤

Muna & Abdulrahman’s glorious wedding was celebrated at Grand Hyatt, Dubai. The kosha/stage and ballroom was decorated by Forever Events.  Muna wore a Michael Cinco bridal gown with a pair of stunning Louboutin heels and carried a bouquet from Tulip Flower. My team and I feel honored to be able to provide photography and videography for their wedding.


Dear Muna & Abdulrahman,

I hope you both are enjoying the weather & life in San Francisco to the fullest. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for honoring me to document your wedding day with all its glory. I pray to the Almighty for all the happiness of this world for both of you. May the two of you enjoy and cherish each millisecond of your lives together and always be the reason for each other’s smile, ameen.

~ Rima

Mina A’Salam, Dubai Wedding – Zainab & Saeed

It was like a tsunami of people.
Jumping up the stage as well as each other to grab the money which was being thrown in the air. It’s always fun to watch (well, almost always). At traditional local Emirati weddings, when the men enter the ballroom towards the end of the wedding night, both sides of the families throw money in the air to show their happiness. The kids, their maids, nannies, and waitresses jump to grab that money.

I’ve seen it happening at almost all the weddings. Except, I saw something remarkable happen at their wedding. As the bride was covering her head and most of her face from the men, she couldn’t see the tsunami of people jumping towards her to grab the money. He stood in front of her to save her from being pushed or falling in the chaos.

I watched his confidence as well as prompt reaction and smiled. He stood there firmly like a wall protecting his breathtaking wife with a heart of gold. I had a strong gut-feeling that she must be smiling from under her veil. Knowing that he was there to protect her and be present with her through thicks & thins of life.

Lovely wedding of Zainab & Saeed was celebrated at Jumeirah Mina A’Salam. The ballroom was decorated by Sayedati Weddings. Zainab wore a stunning gown by The Gloss House from Abu Dhabi, Manolo Blahnik shoes, and carried a Fiore Design bouquet.



& they lived happily ever after….

Dearest Zainab & Saeed,

Your wedding day was as beautiful as you both are.  Thank you for your trust and friendship. I have no doubt that you two will protect each other in all walks of life and be each others’ support. May you both make each other feel strong and always give each the sense of protection that I witnessed on your wedding day. I pray that the Almighty keeps you both blessed with happiness, success, health, and endless love, ameen.

~ Rima

Ajman Kempinski Wedding – Mariam & Muath

It was bound to happen…
Her pure heart and beauty are more breathtaking than all the riches of the world combined. The gold and diamonds looked pale when compared to her sparkling eyes and bright smile. The deep dimple on her cheek just added extra flare to her alluring charm.

He seemed completely in awe.
Finding his heart revolving in its own orbit around her. Smiling non-stop, his gleaming eyes were representing his devoted love for her.

Mariam & Muath’s wedding was celebrated at Ajman Kempinski Hotel. The ballroom was decorated by Forever Events. Mariam wore a stunning white bridal dress designed by her super talented mother/designer Aisha AlMuhairi and shoes from Manolo Blahnik.


Dearest Mariam & Muath,

I can’t express how just thinking of you two makes my heart melt. Mariam, your dimples and Muath’s wide smile every time he laid eyes on you make me smile myself. You two are adorable – both individually and double adorable when together. I pray that you both shine more as your love grows inshaAllah. May Allah keeps on blessing you both with infinite reasons to smile together, ameen.

Much Love,
~ Rima

Wedding in Hyatt Regency, Dubai – Noora & Mohamed

I love LOVE.
As much as I like the loud & proud love, I thoroughly enjoy watching two people’s quite love. Its more intense. Pleasurable to read between the lines. It’s the love when two people don’t need words. They speak with eyes, communicate with smiles, and express with small gestures.

That’s exactly the love I witness between them.
The smiles seemed more meaningful when they are around each other.  The gazes are sincere and earnest. Their eyes spoke louder when looking at each other without uttering a single word. Two hearts showing intense conviction of their love for each other….

Noora & Mohamed’s beautiful wedding was celebrated at Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights hotel. Their stage/kosha/ballroom was decorated by ID Designs by Mounia. Noora looked even more beautiful in her stunning bridal gown from Esposa and wore a beige pair of YSL shoes.


My dearest Noora & Mohamed,

Thank you! For reasons beyond explanation. Thank you for trusting me with your not one but three important days. Thank you for inviting me like a friend to your parties and into your lives. Thank you for showing & letting me document your love. You both are ahhhhh-mazing. Seriously! May you both receive alllll the happiness in this world and all that your hearts desire. I pray that the Almighty showers you both with endless, extreme, and eternal love, ameen.

Lots & lots of Love,
~ Rima

Zabeel Ladies Club, Henna – Noora & Mohamed

When the makeup artist called to tell her that she’s stuck in RAK and won’t be able to make it to her henna party, we all had a panic attack. Alhamdullilah the bride got ready by another makeup artist but we were quite behind schedule hence she was nervous.

He stepped forward smiling and helped her put all the gold jewelry on her. I don’t know if it was his warm smile and presence in that exact moment that put her into so much ease or the slight strokes of his hands as he closed the hooks of the gold necklaces. Whatever it was, it was working great for both; her comfort and my photos.

Noora & Mohamed’s super fun henna party was celebrated at Zabeel Ladies Club. The ballroom was decorated with tons of details by Iqbal Wedding Events.  Noora wore a bridal dress customized and brought all the way from Bahrain and paired it with golden YSL heels.


Dearest Noora & Mohamed,

Once I read a quote by Donna Aradini that ‘find someone who can calm your storm.’ Watching & documenting both of you, and your chemistry, on your henna day – I understood the meaning of that quote in real life. Noora, you are an absolute daaaaarling and Mohamed is such a keeper. You two are the most lovable human beings and perfecttttttt for each other  in every way (mashallah mashallah – yeah once wasn’t enough). I pray that your love grows exponentially and you both Evolve & Grow because of each other’s Love!

Lots of admiration,
~ Rima

Al Jawaher, Sharjah Wedding – Shamma & Ali

If they ask me what Flamboyant is? I’ll say HER name.
If they ask me what Modesty is like? I’ll say HIS name.
If they ask who is Strikingly Beautiful? I’ll say her name.
If they ask me what Respectful means? I’ll say his name.
If they ask me who is Perky?  I’ll say her name.
If they ask me what Sincerity is? I’ll say his name.
If they ask me who is Life of the Party?  I’ll say her name.
If they ask me who is HIS life?  I’ll say HER!

Shamma & Ali’s wedding was celebrated at Al Jawaher RCC in Sharjah. The wedding decorations were done by Gardiana. Shamma looked stunning in her Hazar Couture bridal dress, D&G Shoes, and carried a beautiful bouquet from Fiore Designs.


Dear Shamma & Ali,

Thank you for having my team & I to document your first day as husband and wife. I feel honored to be trusted so much and utterly grateful for the warm welcome by your families and friends. I pray that the Almighty showers you both with exceptional love and care that both of you deserve. May your affection and care for each other grows exponentially, forever, ameen!

If they ask me what love is like…I’ll say YOUR Names!

Much appreciation,
~ Rima


A Step Forward…

She had tons of questions…
Being the first one amongst her siblings to get married, she was lost in all the wedding planning process. As I was answering her questions, a past bride of mine came in to meet me. I asked her to join in and the conversation went to a whole new level.

I sat back and watched both of these amazing girls. It was like watching an amateur meeting an experienced one. The crazy idea popped into my head and I asked the bride-to-be if she’d be interested in meeting my other past & future brides to help her plan the wedding. She agreed in a heartbeat. Before leaving, she turned back and said thank you several times to my past bride and myself for being the reason that so much of her stress was reduced.


In that moment, I felt like I was the missing link! I decided that I haddddddd to take a step forward & plan a friendly get-together for my future brides-to-be. To help them connect the dots, help each other with the tiring wedding planning, bring and share ideas to plan and have the best day of their lives.

With that being said, I feel sooooo very nervous & super excited at the same time because I actually did take the step…..the venue has been booked, invitations have been sent, and I can’t wait to see what this small step will result into…

Cheers to a step forward!

The Missing Link,
~ Rima

Aloft Hotel, AD Wedding – Asma & Mohamed

I’m blessed with the most beautiful clients, Alhamdullilah.
But these twoooooo…..they both are something extraordinary.
She looked like a mixture of Anjelina Jolie and Ashwariya Rai. Deep eyes, model-like features, courteous nature, a smile to die for.  He looked like a prince charming; strong jawline, polite attitude, and a smirk that turned into a sincere smile every time their eyes met.

It won’t be wrong to say that the sparks turned into flames when they both are together in the same frame. They complete each other. As in Picture Perfect! Or Perfect Picture. Whatever you call it, the beauty definitely doubles because they are together. In love, forever!

Asma & Mohamed celebrated their lovely wedding at Aloft Hotel, Abu Dhabi. The kosha/stage/ballroom was decorated by The Wedding Venue. Asma wore a breathtaking bridal gown customized by Jacy Kay and Louboutin shoes. My team, I, and allllll the guests had to take deep breaths to take in so much of beauty mashaAllah. I can only imagine what happened to Mohamed’s heart…


Dear Asma & Mohamed,

You both are not only beautiful on the outside, but inside as well. On behalf of my team & I, a hugeeeeeee Thank You for introducing us with so much beauty and love. I wish and pray for your joy, peace, love, happiness, health, prosperity, and alllllllllllll the good things. Because two beautiful human beings like you deserve nothing but everything beautiful ❤ ameen.

~ Rima