Madinat Jumeirah Wedding – Afra & Mohamed

Her face lit up as soon as he entered the bridal suite.
“Hiiiiiiiii…..I missed you!” She said meaningfully with a gorgeous smile. “I haven’t seen him in a month.” She explained as all the girls present in the room smiled at her excitement. “MashAllah! MashaAllah! You look like a flower…” he uttered when looking at her. Of course, his wide smile was speaking much more than he did, describing his feelings for her.

“He’s cute right?!?” she turned around to ask everyone.
I laughed out loud and said “that’s the last question you want to ask so many girls…” to which she replied “No, I get flattered!”she literally was on cloud nine. Uber cute, I thought to myself. The bride and groom, their reaction upon seeing each other on the wedding day, and their love story, was so intensely unique hence resulted in two things: (1) a grand wedding day that was a reflection of them (2) my heart beamed and did the happy dance.

Mohamed & Afra celebrated their majestic wedding in Madinat Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai. The ballroom was luxuriously decorated with all real flowers and the stage was done in a special 3D projections by LeMariage. Afra wore a stunning bridal gown by Sanja Millican and Christian Louboutin heels. I had utmost fun photographing her absolutely unique breathtaking jewelry.


Dearest Afra & Mohamed,

If dictionaries would have photos next to the words to explain them, I would put your wedding photo next to Cuteness. And Love. Thank you for letting me witness your love and giving me the honor of documenting your first day as Mr. & Mrs. I pray that you both alwayssssssssss cherish each moment of your lives together. May you both feel immense excitement upon each other’s sight & always find comfort in it. Forever. ameen.

~ Rima

A super especial shout out to Sumayya (Mohamed’s sister) from being so incredibly awesome!!! I absolutely adore you Sum. Second, shout out to Stephanie (from LeMariage) who made my job easy and was super fun to be around. You rock girl!

Live a Good Story

Sometimes all you need is time to yourself.
Laughing with friends, eating what you desire, reading a good book, and exploring new cities can have long lasting impact on your life.
Live simple. Dream big. Be extremely grateful for what you have.
You only have one life. Make it worth while by living it right.
More importantly, live a good story.

DWTC Wedding – Moza & Majed

“I want 15 kids!” he announced during the photo-shoot, laughing.
The bride’s eyes widened. We all laughed both because of Moza’s reaction & his joke. “Why 15?” I asked, jokingly.
“Because I want 5 of them in Gems school, 5 in Ittihad, and 5 in Latifa school” he said and we laughed even more at his quick witty answer.

That’s how I remember Moza & Majed’s wedding. Full of jokes, laughter, fun and endless joy. Majed made us all laugh with his light hearted humor that relaxed Moza before her grand entrance. The genuine smiles resulted in absolutely gorgeous photos and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Moza & Majed’s wedding was celebrated at Dubai World Trade Center‘s Multaqua Hall. The stage/kosha and ballroom was decorated by Joelle from Sharjah. Moza looked even more stunning after the talented Layali and her team did her hair and makeup. Moza’s beautiful bridal gown was from Aroos Al Aneeqa and she carried a bouquet by Fiore Design. I absolutely loved her wedding cake from Katrina Sweets.


Dearest Moza & Majed,

You two….and your jokes! Wallah I dearly miss your wedding day, all the Majed jokes, and Moza’s beautiful laugh. You two can write an entire book on them. I pray that you both love each other immensely and keep making each other laugh. May Allah blesses you both with every breath you take and showers you with his mercy & rehmat today, tomorrow, and always. Oh and yes, 15 kids….ameen😀

Lots of love,
~ Rima

Al Jawaher, Sharjah Wedding – Mahra & Ammar

She occasionally flickered her eyes upwards to meet his and casted them down again. They both seemed lost in their own world. Sometimes by choice & other times by force beyond their control.

It was a sight.
The way she sneaked looks at him with eyes full of love.
His smile spread across his face. She lowered her eyes in shyness when caught starring at him and smiled too. He embraced her in a tight hug and she buried her face and gave herself to him.

My heart seemed to be jumping up and down an invisible trampoline. I was grateful that my camera wasn’t able to record the loud thump-thump echoes of my heart. Watching so much love makes me love my job. Even more.

Mahra & Ammar got married in Al Jawaher RCC in Sharjah. The ballroom was decorated by Special Moments. Mahra wore a gorgeous Carolina Herrera bridal gown, Prada shoes, and a beautiful white and hot-pink bouquet. Surrounded by their families and friends, Ammar & Mahra celebrated their wedding day with real smiles & dancing the night on songs of love.


Dearest Mahra & Ammar,

Thank you super much (again) for having me (yet again) as part of your wedding celebrations. It feels like yesterday that I met and documented your beautiful engagement party under-the-starry-sky and today my heart feels joyous to be able to share some details from your beautiful wedding. May your hearts feel fuller by looking & enjoying each other’s presence. Always & Forever! ameen.

Much appreciation,
~ Rima

Hyatt Regency Creek, Dubai Wedding – Sumaya & Ibrahim

He hugged his mother so tight in the middle of the ballroom and couldn’t hold back. A few tears of happiness rolled down his cheeks and his embrace got tighter. Then he went back up on the stage and hugged his wife.

Being an advocate for loud and proud love, my heart was smitten. I was throughly impressed by his  abilities to keep a healthy balance between his mom and newly wedded wife. She hugged him back and both sides of the families happily cheered for them. He held her hand for the rest of the night.

Sumaya & Ibrahim celebrated their wedding in Hyatt Regency Creek Heights Hotel in Dubai surrounded by their close family and friends. Their kosha/stage and ballroom was decorated by Masaya events. Sumaya looked even more elegant in her beautiful bridal gown with intricate handwork detail from Fistan Ameera couture. I fell in love with her gorgeous diamond jewelry because of its unique design.

Dear Sumaya & Ibrahim,

You two are uber cute. I feel so fortunate to be able to call both of you my friends. Please know that I’m so grateful for your trust and for being able to document your wedding and witness your love. May Allah blesses you both with all that your hearts desire and fill your lives with happiness, health, success, much more love which makes you both hold each other’s hands – forever. Ameen.

~ Rima

Eid Mubarak – 2016

I pray that the Almighty fills your life with happiness, your heart with love, your soul with spirituality, and your mind with wisdom. May Allah bestow glories, successes, and happiness to you and your family.


May the noor of Eid illuminates your heart, mind, & soul and brings you lots of joys, health, and especially peace in the world. May your wishes are fulfilled, prayers are answered, and your wallet gets filled with Eidi, ameen.

Be very kind to each other…

Eid Mubarak to all of you!

Palazzo Versace, Dubai Wedding – Fatma & Yaqoub

She was smiling as usual.
Slightly nervous yet smiling. And radiating. She was definitely radiating a lot. And why wouldn’t she? It was the day she had been planning & waiting for.

He entered the bridal suite, kissed her forehead. I smiled as I saw her level of nervousness reduce. And she smiled wider. Radiating more. He looked at her and smiled too. ‘Perfect!’ I thought to myself while watching them from behind my camera. The moment was perfect. The day was perfect. The smiles were perfect. They looked perfect. My heart did its happy dance and then… melted!

What would you call a day full of details, joys, lots of dancing, and sparkling broad smiles? A perfect day?!? Well, I call it Fatma & Yaqoub’s wedding day.

Fatma & Yaqoub celebrated their wedding in the beautiful Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai. Fatma looked dazzling in her simple yet utterly gorgeous bridal gown from Arushi Couture and shoes by Jimmy Choo. The stage/kosha and ballroom was decorated by TableessayisT with lots of purple and gold; and hints of pink & red. I loved the cake topper with Fatma & Yaqoub written in Arabic calligraphy. Also, the huuuuge chandelier on top of the stage added an extra flare to the photos.


Dearest Fattoum & Yaqoub,

I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am, yet again, from the bottom of my heart for your absolute trust. And friendship. And everything in between. You two are amazing and I’m so very sure that you two will make each other’s lives more fuller, more complete, and more awesome. May Allah showers your both with endless blessings, bounties, and countless ‘perfect’ moments for both of you to cherish together. Forever!

~ Rima

The Glamorous Affair – Styled Shoot

When Louma (from Design by Louma) and Zeina from Jive Events asked me to be a part of a styled photo-shoot they were planning, I absolutely jumped on the opportunity. Not only because I knew them for quite some time, but also because I am well aware of how great they are at what they do. I knew they are both professionals and best in their leagues & won’t settle for anything that is less than perfect!

My heart is beaming as I share some photos from “The Glamorous Affair” styled shoot. Heavy florals with a lot of blooms in soft and delicate shades were paired with crystal centerpieces. Peonies, white anemones, and roses in white, cream and pink were perfectly paired with soft greenery for contrast. Shades of pleasing pinks and gold created a feel of luxury to the décor and pops of bright pink & gold added the extra edge – or should I say Glamour –  to it all.

Here is a short video trailer from the shoot.
Hope you are ready to handle the Glllaaaaammmmour!😉

A sincere Thank you & Kudos to the wonderful team for bringing this entire shoot to life:

Planning and styling: Jive Events
Stationary: Design by Louma
Flowers: Mesopotamia Flower
Tabletops and favors: Galeries Lafayette TDM via My List
Table linens: Table Top Events
Furniture rentals: Mint Experience
Venue & cake: The Hamptons Cafe
Bridal wear & accessories: Vanila Wedding Boutique
Hair & make up: London College of Make-up in Dubai, artist Kasia Domanska
Model: Alaa
Photography & Video: Rima Hassan Photography



DWTC, Dubai Royal Wedding – Aysha & Rashid

“Aysha, are you SHEIKHA Sheikha or is your name Sheikha?!?” I asked.
She smiled politely and said “…I’m a Sheikha!” My eyes widened as this was my second meeting with her. I thought of alllllll the craziness and silliness I probably have had blunted out loud in both meetings. “So…umm…do I call you Your Highness?” I asked again just to make sure if we are both on the same page. “No. I’m just the same Aysha for you.” As the smiles spread across her face as well as mine, I knew we well gel along well and her wedding will be great.

The fun doubled when I met Rashid on the wedding day. “So are you a Sheikh too?” Regretting talking before thinking. He too smiled and said yes. “You look so normal though!” I said bluntly without thinking again. “I mean like a normal guy.” He laughed out loud. I was sure, yet again, that it’ll be a great night.

And to say the least, this royal wedding was beyondddddddd great! Rashid & Aysha got married in the new Zabeel Hall 6 of Dubai World Trade Center. The glorious stage / kosha was decorated by Forever Events. Aysha opted to wear a customized bridal gown with intricate details, Jimmy Choo shoes, and looked breathtaking. The super talented Myriam Fares rocked the party with live singing. The rich combination of red and gold gave a beautiful backdrop for Aysha & Rashid’s photos and video. It won’t be wrong if we say that everything was truly fit for the Prince and his Princess!

Dearest Aysha & Rashid,

Thank you for trusting & hiring me to document your love, your love story (I need a separate blog for it😉 ) & your magnificent day. My heart beamed every time I looked at both of you looking at each other. Thank you for inviting me as a friend and letting me witness how beautiful your love is. Also, thank you for SnapChatting live with me from your honeymoon in Paris  :D I still laugh at the jokes we shared on your wedding day & pray that may Allah keeps you both smiling as genuinely and your hearts as humble as they are. Always!

Your friend Bestie,
~ Rima

Santorini, Greece

Ever so often my heart wants to explore new places.
Travel gives me power, imagination, hope, memories, and of course photos. Since the island of Santorini had been on top of my list for quite some time, I felt so privileged to be able to go explore it (#RimaTravels finally!).

Santorini is what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption that destroyed the earliest settlements on a formerly single island and created what we now call Caldera. The white houses with absolutely gorgeous background of blue sky and water were incredibly calming and exactly what I need after working non-stop for the past eight months. The cherry on top of the icing was that I got to meet (again) one of my favorite photographers – Vangelis – and his family whom I proudly call friends. Make sure you check out his work. He’s exceptionally talented.

Through photos, I had a good idea that the island had lots of stairs but no one warned me that there were a kazillion stairs everywhere. I was also surprised to find that people there are obsessed with donkeys’ milk. They have donkey milk soaps, donkey milk moisturizers, hand lotions, etc.  Jokes apart, the absolutely breathtaking views of this island made me realize that if you are or have been wrecked, don’t let the past destroy your beauty. Bounce right back up! If you need extra energy, you might want to consider donkey’s milk.

Following are some of my clicks from this trip.


Oh and here is a short video from the trip.

Do let me know how you liked Santorini through my lens.
Oh and also share if there is a place you recommend for me to go next❤

~ Rima (The Explorer)

P.S. Follow along my future journeys on SnapChat { RimaHassanPhoto }