Ritz Carlton, Dubai Wedding – Basma & Mohamed

He came in slightly after her for our first meeting and shook hands with her.
It was a very simple gesture. Yet so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o meaningful….

Because there was something special about the way he was looking at her.
As if the flowers bloomed a little extra,
His eyes sparkled a little extra,
The sequins shined a little extra,
The stars twinkled a little extra….
Everything was extra. A lot of it. In abundance. Except for one thing…
His ❤ …because it skips a beat when he looks at her.
Every. Single. Time.

I watched them closely during our first meeting (as well as the wedding day) and told her that I just can’t wait to write the blog for them. I wanted to write it about the first meeting and she laughed. That’s how intense their chemistry is. Basma & Mohamed made me believe in fairytales again.

Basma & Mohamed’s exquisite wedding was celebrated at Ritz Carlton Hotel in DIFC, Dubai. Haifa AlMarri from Afkar Events did a remarkable job with the stage & ballroom decorations. Basma wore a stunning bridal gown by Esposa, shoes by Sarah Jessica Parker, and carried a very unique bouquet by Moz Flowers. Everything was perfect because the entire night was surrounded & celebrated with sincere love.


Dearest Mohamed & Basma,

I abso-freaken-lutely adoreeeeeee you both!!! You both are the epitome of awesomeness. Seriously! Ever since our first meeting, I have been thinking about writing this blog because there is so much to say but I just can’t find the right words to express how utterly grateful I am to the Almighty that out paths crossed and I found wonderful friends in both of you. May Allah keeps showering you both with eternal love. I pray that you both continue to love and respect each other & find the happiness & pleasure in this sacred bond you share, forever. Ameen!

Believer of Fairytales,
~ Rima

Al Bustan Rotana Wedding – Alia & Mohammad

I asked him to hold his bhisht (traditional black robe) from the middle but he seemed distracted. “Hands a little bit down Mohammad.” I repeated again. He didn’t do it. His eyes were fixated upon something. So I turned and looked behind me.

She sat there in her stunning white bridal gown and was fixing her veil. Her hands looked even more beautiful with sparkling diamonds and henna.
I turned back to look at the groom, smiled, and asked jokingly “Hey Mo. Are you okay?!?”

Without taking his eyes off of her, he replied, “She was worth the wait!”
“Han…?!?” his answer caught me by surprise.
Without taking his eyes off of her, he repeated again. “She was worth every second of the wait.”  Confused, I turned around to the breathtaking bride again for an answer and asked “how long did he wait?”  She beamed and held her hands up and said “10 years!” leaving me surprised yet again. At that very moment, I fell in love with their love.

Alia & Mohammad celebrated their union (finally) &  wedding day at Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai. The ballroom/stage/kosha was miraculously decorated by Forever Events. Zareen Shah did her magic with the make-up and Alia looked absolutely gorgeous in her Esposa bridal gown & Manolo Blahnik shoes. I personally loved the Micky & Minnie Mouse prop and the manequin challenge done perfectly on the kosha/stage was just cheery on top of the icing.


Dearest Alia & Mohammad,

I don’t know where to begin? While most love stories give me ‘awww’ moments and others leave me speechless, yours gave me a reason to smile every single time I think of you; and of love. You two are one the most lovable couple I had the pleasure and honor to document. Thank you from the deepest core of my heart for choosing & trusting me to photograph your wedding and love. My heart feels so full that I met you both and watched your first day as husband and wife. I have no words to tell you how thankful I am for your friendship ❤ May your love grows more everyday and you never have to wait for anything that your hearts desire, ameen.

Much love,
~ the photographer+friend who is in love with Your Love! 


Past few hours daaaays have been bizarrely restless for me.
I was up and down the emotional roller coaster for apparently no reason.

Sometimes I felt like I was stuck in quicksand that was taking me in deeper and deeper. Other times I knew the only person who can help me is my own self. Trust me, I tried everything I could. I tried reading the unfinished book, constantly flipped through TV channels, aimlessly wandered the mall, and tried to find anything that might consume my time.

dubai_wedding_photography_female_photographer_rima_hassan_uaeWhen nothing helped….I did what I do best in such situations.

I cried and I wrote.
I wrote and I cried.

I wrote because that was the only anti-drug left. When I can’t give voice to feelings, I write. And I write until there is nothing left to say.

Sometimes life is not all happy-happy journey. Not at all!
In fact, most of the prettiest flowers are the ones with the thorns.

When you do come across such flowers (& their thorns), remember that ‘what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger…


JW Marriott Marquis Wedding – Hind & Yousef

He looked stunned.
Because she looked jaw-dropping stunning.
Her perky jokes, flawless beauty, attention to details, and tons of swag was making the bells of his heart ring louder than Big Ben.
Every time he sneaked a look at her, we all heard the sounds of his heart go louder. Again n again n again…

Hind & Yousef’s big grand wedding was celebrated at JW Marriott Marquis hotel in Dubai. Dream Wedding Services did an impeccable job at decorating the ballroom.  Hind’s remarkable Pronovias‘ dress & Manolo Blahnik shoes added authenticity to her royalty.  She carried a beautiful bright yellow bouquet from Moz Flowers & wore an alluring diamond jewelry set.


Dearest Hind & Yousef,

Thank you might sound repeated but it’s all I can think of to show my gratitude for your trust and friendship. You both are kind, cheerful, and perfect for each other. I wish nothing but the bestestest to both of you and pray that Allah showers his immense attention, love, and blessings upon you both. Again n again n again…. Forever, ameen.

~ Rima

Happy New Year – 2017

2016 – I just have one word for you – EXTREME!

The goals were overly achieved and ridiculously missed, I cried my eyes out some nights and most days I laughed unstoppably, documented oh-so-amazing couples & met mind-blowing creatives, my social media followers, and made new friends that I’m so utterly grateful for. I lived life to the max and accepted myself as Glorious Mess.

2017, Ima make you MY year. I’m already daring to dream even bigger. Wishing for the impossible. And trust me Habibi, I then will wish for more. I am ready to live out Louder. Boldly. Fearlessly!

Thank you, yet again, for following along my journey.  Cheers to moving forward, new beginnings, taking risks, dreaming big, loving and living out loud….because I strongly believe that the best is yet to come 🙂

Happy 2017!!!

Al Mizhar, Dubai Henna – Hind & Yousef

I was impressed by her attention to details.
More than that, I admired her style and swag. Every single thing she chose for her henna and wedding was a reflection of her unique flair. To top it all, her witty & fun personality made the day even more glorious.

Hind & Yousef’s henna party was celebrated at Al Mizhar Wedding Hall in Dubai. The ballroom was turned beautifully into a traditional Arabic night themed party  with tons of details by Dream Wedding Services.  Hind wore a stunning red dress customized from Bahrain paired with SJP‘s shoes. I absolutely loved the lantern she carried instead of a traditional bouquet.

Dear Hind & Yousef,

Thank you for your trust in me and my work. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, your families and friends at your super fun henna party. I can’t wait to share your grand wedding blog with the world. May Allah keep you both happy, surrounded by love, laughter, and makes your lives as colorful and fun as your henna party was.

~ Rima

Ritz Carlton, Dubai Wedding

Upon bride’s special request, I will not be sharing any of the jewelry photos or names of the couple. But my super talented associate photographer and video team did a splendid job with the ballroom details which was decorated by Haifa Al Marri from Afkar Events so here is the gorgeoussssssssssss wedding of two lovely souls celebrated at Ritz Carlton DIFC, Dubai.


Dearest you-know-who 😉

Know that I adore you and wish you both nothing but happiness, health, success, and tons of unconditional love. Forever & ever…

~ Rima

InterContinental Hotel, Dubai Wedding – Kaltham & Tariq

They stood in front of each other and couldn’t stop smiling.
Somewhat in disbelieve as to how they lived without each other so far. Mostly super excited for finally being officially each other’s and spending the rest of their lives together – as One.

I took a step back and watched.
Her shyness.
His admiration for her.
Their exchanges of glances & smiles.
Promising each other. A Lifetime of Happiness. Friendship. Love. 

Tariq & Kaltham celebrated their first day as Mr. & Mrs. at one of my favorite venues, InterContinenal Dubai Festival City Hotel. Their kosha/stage was decorated by Hydrangea Weddings.  Kaltham looked absolutely jaw-dropping in her Hazar Couture‘s bridal gown, Sarah Jessica Parker shoes, carrying a flower bouquet from Fiore Design.


Dearest KoKo & Tariq

You two are the BEST!!! Blessed with the best of families, best of friends, and loved ones. And indeed you two are BEST for each other ❤ I feel so fortunate that you chose me to document your henna and wedding day. I witnessed immense love, compassion, and warmest welcome everrrrrr… May Allah always showers you both with bestest of the best in life and grants you whatever you both wish for, ameen.

Lots of Love,
~ Rima


Al Mizhar, Dubai Henna Party – KoKo & CO.

I love henna parties.
Especially when the bridesmaid are like those of Kaltham’s.
Known as KoKo by her friends, Kaltham is an absolute sweetheart. She looked like an Indian princess in her breathtaking purple skirt embroidered with traditional Indian thread-work and a pink dupatta. I fell in love with her bangles/bracelets.  She celebrated her  super colorful and fun Indian themed henna party surrounded by her giggling & dancing friends.

A huge shoutout to KoKo & Co. for rocking the henna party and showing what selfless and genuine love means. I whole heartedly adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you girls from the bottom of my heart ❤ (yeah, 20 e’s for ya’ll).

I can’t wait to blog photos and videos from Kaltham & Tariq’s stunning wedding. Stay tuned!

Your Dream Wedding Workshop

I feel so fortunate to work alongside wedding industry professionals who are one step ahead of the game & are always willing to help their clients – the Brides-to-Be.


Just like last wedding workshop by Mylist.ae, I was invited to speak to future brides regarding the latest wedding and photography trends. And yes, I will be blogging about it in my UnOfficial Bridesmaid for those who missed.


The workshop was held at the beautiful venue of Ethan Allen in Dubai.


The amazing wedding professionals who took part in this workshop included:


Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Julie & Anne for inviting me (again) for this workshop and putting together yet another helpful & successful event. Also, a heartfelt thank you to Ethan Allen for being an amazing host, to all the vendors who participated and shared their expertise, and to all the brides who attended the event.

I hope this event was educational, fun, and full of ideas for you and helps you with Your Dream Wedding, ameen.

Until we meet again…

~ Rima