The Magic of Imagination

Sometimes in the midst of crazy wedding season, client meetings, album deliveries, and so on, I want to step back and photograph without the pressure of wedding itself.

I met Akram, the owner of Crochet Flowers, at a past wedding (note-to-self: blog that wedding).  After a few days, we hung out and proposed an idea of collaboration. He was to use his expertise with flowers to create something special for an engagement party and I was to document it.

It was an intimate engagement party at a house and I must say, Akram & his team did a spectacular job by turning the gazebo in the garden into a stage and hung small candles in glass jars wrapped with white laces on the trees. While everything was white, the dancing purple lights gave that edge to the party.

My favorite was the dinner table! Inside the house, the team of Crochet Flowers completely transformed the dinner table by decorating it with the unique flowers and gorgeous glass-crystal lamps with candles.

I am glad to be a part of the day and to have documented the magic of his imagination and hard-work.

Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_dinner_table Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_florist Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0030 Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0032 Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_stage Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_cute Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0033 Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0035 Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_dessert_decoration Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0037 Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0040 Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0041 Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0042 Crochet_Flowers_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0044

Keep Creating!

~ Rima

Wedding at Crowne Plaza, Seikh Zayed Road – Dubai

I had the pleasure of photographing a small intimate wedding this past weekend.  The designed walk & bird-cage centerpieces decorated with flowers were my favorites and brought the extra special touch. The stage/kosha & decoration was done by Royal Events.
Crowne_Plaza_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_kosha_stage_decoration Crowne_Plaza_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_stage

“I look through the absolute beauty of yours” ― Ankur Kumar Shah

“I look through the cage…an absolute beauty of yours” ― Ankur Kumar Shah

Crowne_Plaza_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration Crowne_Plaza_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration Crowne_Plaza_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_kosha_stage Crowne_Plaza_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_centerpiece_decoration Crowne_Plaza_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration

Happy Sunday!

Al Murooj Rotana – Dubai Engagement – Ayesha & Sauood

I had the pleasure of documenting the lovely engagement party of Ayesha & Sauood at Al Murooj Rotana, Dubai.

If you think you have amazing friends, wait till you meet Ayesha’s. FoReal!  
From choosing the right bouquet, ordering centerpieces and party favors, booking her makeup artist, hairstylist, myself as a photographer, to being physically and mentally present with her; Ayesha’s friends took care of it all. It was as much pleasure & fun meeting each one of them as it was photographing the couple.

Following photos are proof of Ayesha & Sauood’s friends’ planning, hard work, and execution. They successfully brought Ayesha’s dream of having a perfect milcha/engagement party to reality & topped it with a surprise belly-dance show.

Al_Murooj_Rotana_Engagement_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_kosha Al_Murooj_Rotana_Engagement_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_centerpieces_decoration Al_Murooj_Rotana_Engagement_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_party-favors_decoration Al_Murooj_Rotana_Engagement_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_shoes_bouquet Al_Murooj_Rotana_Engagement_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bridal_bouquet Al_Murooj_Rotana_Engagement_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration Al_Murooj_Rotana_Engagement_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_ring Al_Murooj_Rotana_Engagement_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration Al_Murooj_Rotana_Engagement_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_centerpiece_decorationAl_Murooj_Rotana_Engagement_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bridal_dressAl_Murooj_Rotana_Engagement_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bride_milcha Lots of love and best wishes for Ayesha & Sauood. As the two of them become one, I wish them a ONE-derful journey together.

With Love.

Engagement in Sharjah Ladies Club – Layla & Humaid

If I were to write Layla & Humaid’s story, I’d start with “Once upon a time there was a princess….” Seriously. Layla looked no less than a Cinderella on her engagement day and also shared her love for shoes. Humaid was shy Arab version of Prince Charming. I had the honor to meet and photograph this gorgeous couple through Humaid’s brother & sister-in-law whom I also photographed a couple months back. Following are few glimpses from Layla & Humaid’s engagement party. From her stage (kosha) which reminded me of Cinderella’s carriage to her jewelry, shoes, & bouquet; and of course her beautifully personalized dress from Dar Sara Fashion, Layla’s style spoke high of her elegance and I can’t wait to see what she plans for her wedding because I know she won’t settle for anything less than perfect! Sharjah_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_Kosha Sharjah_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_centerpieces Sharjah_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_party_favor Sharjah_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_cultural_dance Sharjah_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0030 Sharjah_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_dress_details Sharjah_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0034 Sharjah_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bridal_ring Sharjah_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_jewelry_earring Sharjah_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_maska_bouquetSharjah_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bridal_jewelry Sharjah_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bridal_dress I will end with this photo and best wishes for both Layla & Humaid. May they keep holding each other’s hands, fall in love with each other over & over again, and continue to laugh together forever, ameen.Sharjah_Ladies_Club_Wedding_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_Engagement_ring Happy Wednesday!

The Day I Changed My Mind

This past weekend I had the honor of photographing an extravagant engagement at the lavish Ajman Saray Resort.  While I was busy capturing the beauty of the gorgeous bride, my assistant was handing me lenses, fixing the bride’s gown, and holding the bouquet as I told the bride about the poses.      

In the midst of both my assistant & I running around, I made the bride sit down on the sofa for some new poses I wanted to try. Because this was her first time in front of a professional camera, I tried to help by sitting on the sofa next to her’s so I can showcase the exact look I wanted.

Next thing you know, I sat on her bouquet which I failed to notice was placed on the sofa. No, not as easily as you read this. I Fr*eaking Sat On Her Bouquet. With All My Weight. Before she even Made-the-Big-Entrance. 2-3 flowers came out of it. I freaked out and said sorry to the bride a million times. I was panicking even more when she started laughing and for how patient she was about everything.

The bouquet before 'the incident' :D

The bouquet before ‘the incident’ :D

This incident changed my mind about a few things:

1.  Always look 1, 2, even 3 times before & after you sit anywhere.
2.  Be patient when other people make mistakes. No seriously! If I was the bride, I would’ve screamed if the photographer sat on my expensive bouquet before the party even started.
3.  Be more forgiving! People don’t make mistakes intentionally.
4.  Photograph the details. Especially those that have the chance of being sat on.
5.  Remember Blunder should be my middle name? May be it should be my first….

~ Blunder Rima Hassan

Amsterdam – The City of Bicycles

It wasn’t long after I realized its a Big World out there & felt the urge to explore more, my husband and I had a chance to go on a spontaneous trip to Amsterdam – the city of bicycles. By spontaneous, I mean we booked the tickets in the afternoon and flew the same evening. With least expectations and not a set in stone itinerary, unpremeditated trips turn out to be the best.

For Amsterdam, the city with 780,000 people & over 881,000 bicycles, extensive canals, amazing museums, even more amazing public transport, and not-so-amazing-drug-dealers, I chose to do a black & white series of photos for this trip. Hope you enjoy them.


Science Center Nemo

Science Center Nemo

Amsterdam_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan Amsterdam_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan

Street Musicians

Street Musicians

Palace on Dam Square

Palace on Dam Square

Apartments & Restaurants by the Canals

Apartments & Restaurants by the Canals

Amsterdam_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0008 Amsterdam_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0009



Streets of Amsterdam

Streets of Amsterdam

Extensive Canals


Amsterdam_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0013 Amsterdam_Photography_Dubai_UAE_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0002

Keep Exploring!

~ Rima

[Mis]Adventures in Arabic Class

I couldn’t take it off of my mind.
I tried to focus back but it was useless.
I couldn’t stop looking over my shoulder to the floor…..     

Since 99.9% of my clients in UAE are Arabs and although they speak fluent English, I have been dying to learn the Arabic language.

Few days ago, I saw an advertise on Facebook that a so&so place is teaching Arabic courses. Their schedule, course fee, and duration of the course seemed perfect for me. So I applied and next thing you know, I was on my way to the class only to find myself stuck in Dubai’s traffic.

Arabic_Course_DubaiI firmly believe that a lady can do her entire makeup or even read a book if there is a traffic jam in Dubai. Although the route was 20 mins, I was in the class an hour later.

Late as I was, I grabbed the last empty seat in the corner which was next to a locked door that apparently opened in the back of the expanding building (which had on going construction).

I checked my course packets, handbooks, a perfectly sharpen pencil, and my dream of speaking fluent Arabic language was about to take off of the ground…until, from the corner of my eyes, I something moving on the floor.

Of course my curious soul had to look and I am still regretting that moment. It was a 4 inch lizard-looking-snake crawling a feet away from me…. Let me repeat that again: A SNAKE! CRAWLING! A FEET AWAY!

Panicked I gasped and picked up my feet off the ground. I think I scared the snake just as much as it scared me because I saw it making its way out from under the locked door.

The girl sitting next to me asked ‘what happened?’.  I turned to look at her speechless and pointed to the floor. She looked on the floor confused and shrugged because nothing was there. I texted my husband the entire situation and he responded with “RUN!” but I didn’t had the guts to put my feet on the ground again.

I dare you Internet, sit with your feet above the ground for 45 minutes.

I was the first to literally run out the class as soon as it ended and I think I’ll probably just learn Arabic on youtube or from another place which is not on the ground floor.

Why am I telling you this? Because I don’t want to be the only one thinking about it.
It is not fun….at all!