Jumeirah, Dubai Engagement – Amna & Saleh

“I do photography too…” she told me as I unpacked my lenses from the bag.
“Really? What type of photography? Landscape, portraits, …?” I asked interested in knowing.
“I like taking portraits. Weddings are not my thing.”
I stopped, looked up, and laughed in disbelieve. “But I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee weddings. I like photographing them because everyone looks beautiful and happy and everybody is laughing…..” I said in one breath.
“But sometimes the laughs look fake…” She said with a frowning face.
Her best friend entered the room and they got busy with meet&greet while I took mental notes of what to focus on.

Amna is certainly not like my other brides. Pretty, yes, but with an open personality, style, ease, an amazing sense of humor, and danced the night away. Her dance moves couldn’t be outshined. As much pleasure as it was photographing her & Saleh’s formals, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and documenting her family.

Right before leaving, I sat down next to her on the stage and asked “…you remember how you mentioned the laughs at the wedding sometimes look fake?” She looked at me with questioning eyes. “Well, I just want you to go through this.” I held my camera forward.

OMG. omg. Oh-My-God! OHhhh-my-gowdddd….She said in every way possible as we went through the photos. All of those were candid photos of her and her family & friends laughing, hugging each other with love, dancing, and having fun. “That’s why I love documenting weddings!” I said. She hugged me tight & thanked me.

Here are some photos from her colorful engagement party. Full of colors, gold, and completed with love & laughter.

Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_villaAmna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0058Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_gold_earrings Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_party_favorsAmna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_cushion Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_gold_jewelry Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0048 Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_jewelryAmna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_gold Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0053 Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decorations Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bride_engagementAmna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_gold rings Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_gold Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_goldAmna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_brideAmna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_gold Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0057 Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0054 Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0055 Amna-Saleh_Engagement_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_0056 Amna & Saleh, thank you for melding me into the orbit of your love. May you always hold each other’s hand, make each other laugh out loud, share happiness, and celebrate your beautiful individual personalities as one.

~ Rima

Wedding in World Trade Center, Dubai – Faisal & Fatma

She was in sajda (prostrate) finishing her prayers when I walked in the bridal suite.

While folding her prayer mat, she looked at me & her extremely talented makeup artist Zareen & admitted that she was very nervous. Zareen & I smiled. I hugged her tight and told her she’ll make a gorgeous bride and that she didn’t need to worry because she hired the best team of Dubai for her big day.  She smiled big and said “Oh Rima, I so0o0o needed that hug.”  ‘Oh gosh, I adore this girl,’ I thought to myself.  “Well, I’m here to give you hugs whenever you need” I offered gladly and all three of us laughed.

That’s Fatma!
I photographed Faisal & Fatma’s engagement party few months ago and have never had a single dull moment every time we met. She’s a shy girl who is very loving, fearful of God, and I must say she has keen eye to details because she’s an impressively talented Urban planner (and a graphic designer because she designed a beautiful invitation card for her wedding). She completely deserves allllllll the love and care Faisal has for her.

I must add, Fatma is one of those brides who really spent time in finding & hiring the best team of professional wedding vendors of Dubai.  When I got to know she hired Zareen for the makeup and Jean as a hairstylist, I knew I didn’t need to worry about the retouching because the makeup will be perrrrfect & every piece of hair will be in the right place. Omar‘s imagination and expertise in creating unique kosha (stage) designs need no introduction. A gorgeous bridal gown from Solida Bridal Fashion was cheery on top of the icing. I felt honored to be a part of this wonderful team.

Following are photos from Faisal & Fatma’s stupendous wedding which took place at Multaqua Hall in World Trade Center, Dubai.



Multaqua_World_Trade_Center_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration-kosha Multaqua_World_Trade_Center_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_centerpieces_kosha Multaqua_World_Trade_Center_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_chairs_glass_decoration Multaqua_World_Trade_Center_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_centerpieces_decoration_kosha

Multaqua_World_Trade_Center_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_table_decorationMultaqua_World_Trade_Center_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration Multaqua_World_Trade_Center_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_kosha_decoration Multaqua_World_Trade_Center_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_centerpieces_decoration Multaqua_World_Trade_Center_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decorations Multaqua_World_Trade_Center_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_dessert_dcoration Multaqua_World_Trade_Center_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_dress Multaqua_World_Trade_Center_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_jewelry_necklace Multaqua_World_Trade_Center_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_invitation Multaqua_World_Trade_Center_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_bouquet Multaqua_World_Trade_Center_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_ring

Faisal & Fatma, may each day of your married life bloom with warmth of your love. I wish you a long life full of allllllllll the happiness you both deserve, today and always…..

~ Rima

Matter of Hearts

Dearest You,

I know I don’t need to write this but I want to. You know me, I like when feelings become words. I want to say Thank You for sharing the crazy roller coaster of life with me. For giving me the strength to become what I am today. For being my dream-anchor. For never saying no to dine-outs because you know it is my weakness #8,436.

Thank you for always having my back. Giving me the push which taught me how to fly. For being the best advisor & partner-in-crimes of my wildest ideas. Thank you for being patient during my semi-dramatic moments, laughing with me at my silliest dance moves and singing the craziest Bollywood songs on our long drives. Thank you for always making me feel luckyyyyyy & letting me live out loud!

As I climb the stairs of success with a booming photography business (Alhamdullilah), I want to Thank You for teaching me how to hold a camera. Thank you for our late night conversations about the correlations between ISO, aperture, and speed. Thank you for agreeing to come all the way from one part of Dubai to another to have a short-dinner-date in between my client meetings although you were tired from a long day of work.


I appreciate you & your kindness with all my heart. This journey will never – ever – everrrrrrr – be the same without you.


~ Me

Friday Randomness – Awesome Inventions

The world cheers up by the thought of Friday.
For most people Friday brings the news of weekend with no work, relaxing, running errands, and having fun. In Dubai’s wedding industry, Friday & Saturday means the opposite.

As I sign off to go photograph an engagement party, here is another light-hearted blog post of  ‘Friday Randomness’  dedicated to crazy-silly-awesome-funny inventions I found on the web. Enjoy the chuckles.

Who’s down for 6-packs in seconds?

crazy-inventions-9Lets partyyyy….


I’ll start giving lunch to my husband in these anti-theft-sandwich bags.
crazy-inventions-11 weird-inventions In case you get addicted to the glue-stick-butter, this waist-measurement belt will keep you motivated to hit the gym.crazy-inventions-12 crazy-inventions-37

If you are a shower-singer, this might be perfect for you ;)crazy-inventions-34 Fellow photographers out there, how cool is this idea of frames.crazy-inventions-31

Lose your remotes all the time? Check this out…


This one….


Happy Friday Everyone!

Wedding in Hyatt Regency, Dubai – Abdulla & Awatif

By the end of our first meeting, I knew they were perfect fit for each other. Like moon & moon-light. Like a flower and its fragrance. Complimenting & making each other complete.

I liked how Abdulla looked at Awatif as if she’s the only person in the world. I liked it even more when Awatif felt Abdullah’s gaze and got so shy that she couldn’t even look up. Few times, I thought Awatif will melt from shyness until Abdulla held her in his arms and made her feel put together. Yes!!! Love stories like that still exists.

I was honored to document their wedding reception which was hosted at Hyatt Regency, Dubai. My darling Dana from Sia Weddings did her magic again by using Awatif’s favorite flowers ‘Bugambilia’ and bringing her dream kosha/stage and centerpieces into reality.

Here are a few details from Abdulla & Awatif’s wedding.

Oh did I mention the wedding cake was hanging from the ceiling?

_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_centerpiece _Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_card _Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_centerpieces_pink _Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_entrance _Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_centerpieces _Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_table _Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha _Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha_cake Hyatt_Regency_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_kosha

_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_bouquet _Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_dress_shoes _Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_nechlace_jewelry_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_perfume _Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_shoes _Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_veil _Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_decoration_watch_perfume _Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_necklaceHyatt_Regency_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan_ring
Awatif & Abdullah, I wish you nothing but happiness and joy. Being surrounded by your friends and family made me feel lucky to have documented your first day as a husband and wife. Your wedding was a perfect reminder of how to love and cherish each moment before it’s gone.

Much love & appreciation,

~ Rima

Wedding at Marriot Al Jaddaf, Dubai – Mona & Nayef

Mona & Nayef!!!
What can I say about these two beautiful souls who are in crazily in love with each other. Not in the stare-at-me-and-I-will-blush way rather in a very unconventional look-at-me-and-I-will-smug way. The type of love everyone in the room feels.

I had the honor of photographing their wedding which was filled with laughter, all-things-pretty, and full of love. I couldn’t have ended the year in a better way. Following are few shots from their gorgeous wedding, decorated by Taraneem Event Planners, which took place at Marriot Al Jaddaf, Dubai overlooking at Dubai’s skyline.

Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassan Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_kosha_decoration Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_decoration_kosha Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_taraneem-events_kosha Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_hamasat Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_shoes Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_jimmy_choo Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_ring Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_jewelry Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_bouquet Marriot_Dubai_Wedding_Photographer_Rima_Hassans_jewelry-veil
Mona & Nayef, thank you for inviting me to document your love and the start of a new chapter in your lives. May your love grows deeper, stronger, and more beautiful everyday, ameen.

Be THAT Good!

I walked into the bridal suite just to find out the bride was running around in her robe. FLIPPING OUT!!!!  I get more nervous than the bride in situations like this thinking of the formals portraits.  It didn’t take me long to figure out how unhappy she was with her bouquet.

She was angry that the bouquet delivered to her was nothing like the photo she showed her florist. Nervously, I asked her to show me the photo. She handed me her phone and I stared at the screen. Then I took a look at the tossed away bouquet and then looked back at the screen – trying to figure out how someone can make that out of this? There literally were no similarities. The flowers were completely different & even the colors were totally off.


Bridal Bouquet - rima hassan

This is the photo she showed me

So I requested if she can send me the photo of the bouquet that she initially wanted and can carry on with getting her makeup done so the wedding timeline is on schedule.  The next thing I did was called my good friend Akram from Crochet Flowers explaining him everything.  Not only did he agreed to make the bouquet on such short notice, he actually got the shown below bouquet delivered to the hotel within 40 minutes. 40 Minutes!

Rima Hassan Photography - Crochet Flowers _ wedding Dubai

Why am I telling you this???? Well, if you are a business owner or wedding vendor, I hope you take 2 things out of this blog entry:

(1) You should be the first person to come to anyone’s mind when they think of anything related to your field of business or when referring. In this case, Akram was the first person I thought of when there was a problem with flowers/bouquet and he will always be the first one I refer to my brides for the amazing job he did.

(2) Be THAT Good at whatever you do. Especially when it comes to providing services! See, flowers could’ve been arranged from any florist in Dubai but not everyone understands the importance of things, makes delivery before promised time, and give it their 110%.  Services matter just as much as the product. Or may be even more. And going back to the first point; great services will make you that first person popping in someone’s head when in dire need.

I feel blessed to know some of the best wedding vendors whom I can call friends.  Akram sure is a rockstar! The bride was exceptionally happy with the bouquet, thanked me several times before for saving the day, and I give all the credit to Crochet Flowers for it.  As far as I am concerned, I couldn’t be more happy with her formal portraits because they truly came out that good ;)